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Reformas integrales en Allendale, NJ

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Valoraciones destacadas para Reformas integrales en Allendale, NJ

BlueLine Architecture
Reformas integrales en Allendale, NJ
Puntuación media: 5 de 5 estrellas10 de junio de 2015
“My experience with Blueline Architecture has been very positive. They are professional, thorough, fair and genuinely care about the projects they are working on. They have a personal touch with clients and are there to help from start to finish.”
Courtney Lowry Architect
Reformas integrales en Allendale, NJ
Puntuación media: 5 de 5 estrellas12 de julio de 2018
“Courtney was very courteous, knowledgeable, and patient. She continues to answer all of my questions and has walked me through the design and build process step by step.”
Ellen Roche Architect PLLC
Reformas integrales en Allendale, NJ
Puntuación media: 5 de 5 estrellas15 de abril de 2014
“One in a million! Dealing with Ellen has been a dream come true. I have recommended many professionals throughout my Real Estate career and never have they shown the vision, creativity and expertise in design. Concepts were executed perfectly, ideas were turned inro realities. My clientele has been extremely grateful and have referred countless other customers. She truly can exceed your expectations and work with your particular budget. Amazing!”
GC Architecture LLC
Reformas integrales en Allendale, NJ
Puntuación media: 5 de 5 estrellas24 de octubre de 2023
“Very thorough review of the original site. Very efficiently designed an addition within the confines of the site...very easy to work with.”
George Hodosh Associates - Architects, P.C.
Reformas integrales en Allendale, NJ
Puntuación media: 5 de 5 estrellas6 de diciembre de 2016
“I met J. Hodosh at the RCC Home Show in Feb 2002. I was amazed by his before/after pix and hired him to design a major home renovation. My project timing was complicated by having my mom living with me who ended up hiring him as well to do her home first so she could move out and enable me to do my home. 2002 was a crazy year for construction and there were some delays but even with delays Jonathan did call back and follow through which is much more than I can say for dozens of contractors I dealt at that time. The results were stellar for both me and my mom and I am constantly complimented."”
Little Boxes Studio Architect
Reformas integrales en Allendale, NJ
Puntuación media: 5 de 5 estrellas16 de diciembre de 2022
“My home is one of the exhibits listed here. This architect was easy to work with and gave appropriate and timely advice when needed. She is currently working another project for me, a renovation of a Frank Lloyd Wright's apprentice work in the Berkshires.”
Reformas integrales en Allendale, NJ
Puntuación media: 5 de 5 estrellas8 de febrero de 2021
“TJ of Grace Space is professional, dedicated and committed to his projects. He aims to satisfy his clients and works diligently to provide excellent service. He is passionate about his projects and spends a great deal of time explaining his process. He goes above and beyond during the construction phase of the project to make sure that details are executed to his design intention. Finally, his integrity is consistent, he does not miss a deadline!”
Paradigm Architecture Design & Consulting
Reformas integrales en Allendale, NJ
Puntuación media: 5 de 5 estrellas22 de septiembre de 2015
“I've had Addesso Architecture design a home extension and a kitchen. Both experiences where incredibly painless. Anthony is a true professional. He listens to your ideas (no matter how crazy) and guides you to the perfect way to make it work. He never over promises, sets the proper expectations and is just a pleasure to work with.”
Hopkins Architect +
Reformas integrales en Allendale, NJ
Puntuación media: 5 de 5 estrellas21 de julio de 2023
“I can count on several fingers the times I have found a local business partner that I'd describe as a rockstar, and Brian Hopkins is on that short list. On Christmas Eve, my wife and I were out doing errands. We got a call from our teenage son, telling us that water was raining down from the upstairs bathroom, through our microwave and stove, into the basement, onto the furnace and water heater. There was some once-in-a-century rapid drop in temperature, we had some poorly insulated pipes, and one of those pipes ruptured in the floor of that second floor bathroom resulting in that disaster. Total nightmare. Thankfully, one of the other rockstars on our short list of local business partners is our general contractor. We already had a plan on the shelf to renovate that bathroom, our contractor was available, we were able to get all our tile and bathroom fixtures picked out and procured in record time, and shortly after New Year's our GC started the repairs and creating the bathroom of our dreams. Salvation! Everything was going awesome, until the building department showed up. In a rush, we neglected to get a building permit. We weren't being shady or playing games. We were just hasty and ignorant and didn't do the things we needed to do. We got an immediate stop-work order. And the only way to get back on track was to find an architect to do proper code-compliant architectal drawings for our already-in-progress bathroom renovation. I quickly learned that there are not a lot of residential architects hurting for business, certainly not at that time of year. I literally called at least 15 different places. Either people were too busy, or weren't interested in the project. I finally found one who couldn't take the job, but said "hey, we know this other guy in the area who is super good, that we refer people to when we're busy. His name is Brian Hopkins." Somebody directing business to a competitor?? I now understand why they referred me. Brian is only the second architect I've ever worked with, but as far as I can tell, he's as good as it gets. I was able to get in touch with him immediately, and he agreed to take on the work. He was incredibly transparent and clear about what he was going to do, when he was going to do it, and what it would cost. Throughout the process he was super responsive, empathetic, organized, patient, professional, and enjoyable to work with. He didn't nickel and dime us or play games; he was clearly focused on good customer service and outcomes. And from what I can tell, both the building department and my GC were very happy with the quality of his work. The entire ordeal we went through, particularly involving the building department and fines and delays was horrible. Had we not found Brian, had he not been so excellent, the situation might have been unbearable. He literally was our savior. It's absurd not to want to work with someone like this.”
LR Lerner Architecture PC
Reformas integrales en Allendale, NJ
Puntuación media: 5 de 5 estrellas6 de septiembre de 2015
“Lanny Lerner is an outstanding architect who listens carefully and observes astutely to produce design that is beautiful and functional. He recently worked with us on our Manhattan apartment--we are delighted. I highly recommend Lanny Lerner.”
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