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COMPAC is the leading company in high quality decorative surfaces. Founded in 1975, COMPAC was the first Spanish company specialized in the manufacture and distribution of marble and quartz surfaces. Today our company is a large multinational with 100% Spanish capital that has learned how to grow while preserving our flexibility and independent decision-making spirit.

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Diseño, producción y distribución de superficies de cuarz, Design, production and distribution of high quality engin

Zonas de trabajo
United States of America, España, United Kingdom, Portugal, Belgium, Singapore, United Arab Emirates
Ubicación: 46727
Ha comentado: Hola, de donde son los taburetes? gracias! ¡Hola! Lamentablemente no tenemos información sobre los muebles empleados en este proyecto. Puedes consultar a los responsables del proyecto: Geteco ¡Saludos!
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Ha comentado: Please share the source of the beautiful range hood. Thank you Hi, Unfortunately we don't know the range hood brand, the design studio is IRP Designs : Thank you!
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Ha comentado: Great cooktop Hi, Unfortunately we don't know the information of the cooktop. The design studio of this kitchen is IRP Designs: ...
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Ha comentado: How long is this island? Is this one piece of quartz? Hi pfeiffem6, Yes this is one piece of quartz. We don't know exactly how long is this island but our giant slab format is 130" x 64". W e hope you find this information useful. Thank you!
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Ha comentado: Unique calcata quartz Hi @evulcain, We are glad to read that you were considering our Unique Calacatta for your kitchen. There's no better reply to your questions than the one given by @jillianfl Thanks!
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Ha comentado: Encimeras Compac ¡Gracias!
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