How should we decorate this staircase?

Linda Micallef
11 de Marzo de 2019
última modificación:13 de Marzo de 2019

Advice wanted on how to decorate this staircase on a budget.

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  • melinperth
    I don’t think it needs much. A lovely plant in the corner + some wall candles
    Linda Micallef agradeció a melinperth
  • julie herbert
    Hi Linda,
    Gorgeous staircase, I think by adding lighting it could look great, led strip under the railing,wall lights, a light sculpture or a simple picture light with a metal frame could look fabulous .
    Linda Micallef agradeció a julie herbert
  • Linda Micallef

    oh I like that idea with light strip under the hand rail. Thank you for taking the time.

  • Linda Micallef

    Melinperth unfortunately my stairs don’t have much room in the corner for a plant as the other side is too narrow. thank you for taking the time though.

  • Linda Micallef

    i was thinking photos like this, do you think this would suit? If so which side; handrail or opposite so when you are going towards the stairs you can see them.

  • Kate

    I always like a gallery. Id put them on the outside wall. this will help keep hands off the unprotected wall. Just make sure securely hung and put blu tack under the bottom corners . Start your pattern with a placement central to stair approach and work up from there.

    Mounted canvas works well and can be secured with command Velcro strips

  • alba

    My mind jumped to "budget" and wondered if you were DIY fan & colour fan. I can't live without colour and immediately jumped at the prospect of a continuous line, or lines (depending on thickness) that accompany the treader upwards. Could be a fun talking point and entertainment for the younger members too.

    Linda Micallef agradeció a alba
  • jennie1 There may be something to spark your imagination here.

  • debanger3
  • Jan Dobson
    Hi Linda, lovely stairs imo. Great idea re lighting from Julie Herbert. Also like the wall decal idea from jennie1’s link, especially if space is tight. Has the added benefit of being able to easily be moved or replaced. Quality does vary but they’re always on sale and, if budget is really tight, can be bought and added on to over an extended period. Black and white looks great but they also come in colour
  • Elke à Campo
    You should add some bright or calming pics on the wall and do in the stair lighting like the picture bellow.
  • annb1997

    Photo gallery or some artwork on wall opposite handrail gets my vote. Lighting excellent idea too. Best wishes.

    Linda Micallef agradeció a annb1997
  • blueskies60

    For super budget; if you have kids, laminate their artwork and blue tack. Ever changing or leave as memory wall. Also some calendars have stunning art and laminate well. Personally I would probably hang a bright curtain instead of blind. Love to see photos of your decision.

    Linda Micallef agradeció a blueskies60
  • Gallifrey

    I think ist just needs great lighting and make the window a feature (not hidden).

    Linda Micallef agradeció a Gallifrey
  • pottsy99

    I had a very similar staircase in a commercial building -- if anything it was worse -- there was a 20 metre long hallway leading to it , all with light grey walls and white ceilings , polished wooden steps and handrail . The hallway was concrete floor , painted a mid grey .

    I own the building , and wanted to lease it out , and didn't have much money at the time ( I still don't haha ) . I did black onyx tiles on the hallway floor ( I realise you aren't doing the floor ) ; 40mm x 8mm varnished pine 'rail' along the wall 1200mm from floor height , and wallpapered from the skirting up to this rail in a burgundy and gold striped wallpaper ( the gold was in 2 stripes of different widths , so I guess you'd say burgundy wallpaper with gold stripes ) .

    The hallway already had LED downlights , I added a 800mm diameter gold and crystal waterfall chandalier up the stairs , and to finish , I added several prints in gold frames ( I purposely used different sizes ) along the walls ( screwed on as it is acommercial building ) .

    I thought it gave the place a lift , cost around $3k and a week of my time , the building was leased to pretty much the first business that viewed it , they are still there 8 years later , and they even got a sign made that is halfway up the stairs , with all their details and logo , in gold lettering on black background , with a fancy gold frame around it !

    Got a bot off track sorry -- but yeah , I'd do a 'break rail' at least on the wall without the handrail , and wallpaper down to the steps . I guess you could paint , but I wouldn't .

    Linda Micallef agradeció a pottsy99
  • belindaweir

    Hi … one of the best ways to decorate a tight space is by making a mobile …. It draws the eyes upwards. If it looks a little beachy? Then make a mobile with large thin arms (in bamboo), with fine thread suspending delicate neutrally coloured shells. The arms can be different lengths as can the threads which hold the shells. Or you can find mobiles in most gift/interior stores. This is very easy to do, sorry I have no pics for it.

    Linda Micallef agradeció a belindaweir
  • Jennifer Bradley

    Or maybe add some colour to one long wall, then put up whatever art work you fancy - any of the those suggested, choosing a linking colour for the wall.

    Linda Micallef agradeció a Jennifer Bradley
  • Littlethommo

    I think your beautiful staircase is best kept simple and uncluttered. It would the perfect canvas for a statement art piece, especially in the corner area. But if there is not room on the stairs how about considering a hanging sculpture/s as a simple and effective feature. Another really low cost but effective option would be a single hanging pot with a trailing plant such as devils ivy, or a set of 3 wall mounted planters along the side wall.

    Linda Micallef agradeció a Littlethommo
  • PRO
    Bluethumb Online Art Gallery

    Hi Linda,

    It looks like you have some great lighting on your staircase! We completely agree with some of the comments on this thread - a gallery wall would be an amazing fit here. Here is an article that might help you with this if you're interested:

    As it's quite a light, neutral space, choosing artwork that feeds into that mood would be ideal. Our in-house interior designer has recently shared her top tips when choosing art for a space, including a great selection of images; it could be of use to you :)

    We also have a free art advisory service if you need any help with choosing art, or if you're after artwork to your taste under a specific budget! If you have any questions, just email to get started. Good luck! :)

    Linda Micallef agradeció a Bluethumb Online Art Gallery
  • PRO
    10 design

    definitely stair lighting I usually specify every 3rd or 4th step to be lit & if your void above the angled risers is high enough a feature long pendant always looks amazing !

    Linda Micallef agradeció a 10 design
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