Help with Living/Front Room Design - Piano Type and what furniture?

8 de Septiembre de 2017

I don't know what to do with this room. It is the first room you see when you walk into our home. We need to get a piano so that will be something that will likely go in this room (not sure if I should do a baby grand or upright). As for functionality, I am not 100%. I have 4 young kids at this point but it might be somewhere where teenagers can hang out or it might be just a welcoming area for people to sit in. Any thoughts on furniture arrangement, etc... Anything ideas would be appreciated!! The buffet can go : )

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  • aktillery9

    Do you need a sofa? Or are you just looking for chairs? Maybe one sofa and two chairs? Where will you place the piano?

    ecallister agradeció a aktillery9
  • ecallister

    I know I need stuff...couch, chairs?, and piano. need to figure out room layout before decide on upright or grand type piano.

  • PRO
    Carrell Design And Staging

    I think a baby grand would take over the space. By that, I mean would be the focal point and dominate pretty much everything around it. However if you use the space as a foyer/music room it would certainly match the scale of the room with its double height ceiling and windows.

    ecallister agradeció a Carrell Design And Staging
  • ninigret

    a baby grand would look good here, but the sound would bother everyone in the house.... you'll be telling your children to please stop practicing.... and it could end up looking a bit like a hotel lobby. i'd find another location, keep this room for seating, perhaps with a bookcase to make it look library-ish rather than music room ish..

    ecallister agradeció a ninigret
  • Bonnie

    If it is your foyer I'd put a round table in the middle and some accent pieces around the room. Without knowing what other rooms you have, it's hard to say how to best use this space. Agree with others that it is not the best place for a piano. When my children were young the piano was in a quiet part of the house.

    ecallister agradeció a Bonnie
  • ninigret

    when my children were young the piano was in a room with a door that closed ; )

    ecallister agradeció a ninigret
  • PRO
    JudyG Designs

    I like a piano in the entry. I loved hearing the music through out the house when the girls were practicing and we had a friend who was concert level and when he would visit, he would entertain us with a piece or two.

    Decide on the piano first…upright or spinet or baby grand…two appropriately sized chairs will be fine.

    ecallister agradeció a JudyG Designs
  • PRO
    Soltech Solutions

    Beautiful home!

    ecallister agradeció a Soltech Solutions
  • Delilah66

    I love the idea of the piano in the entry along with seating. If your main living TV room is elsewhere, the entry area could be furnished as a "lounge" of sorts (club chairs around a round table?). Reminds me of the pleasure I got from visiting a friend whose daughter was an accomplished pianist at age 12. Friend and I would visit/prep dinner in the kitchen and listen to daughter play in the LR. First time I did this, I thought it was a CD playing.

    ecallister agradeció a Delilah66
  • Fori

    Do the acoustics work here? A piano is a big deal. Not because they're expensive (although they can be) but because they are almost impossible to get rid of.

    If there is a piano teacher, I would consult with her, get her into the space, see what her recommendations are. Talk to a piano technician. Those guys really know their stuff.

    Yes, you want a good looking piano, but it's a musical instrument and you need to ask the piano peeps before the decorating peeps! :P

    (Baby grand if you have a musician or student! But if it's for looks or fun, a square grand.)

    ecallister agradeció a Fori
  • ecallister

    Thank you for all the helpful responses...definitely gives me some things to think about. Good point on the acoustics, etc... I do need to consider this. I am not sure I have anywhere else for a piano other than upstairs in a bedroom (which I guess I can consider) but the kids along with my husband will use it ; 0. Any thoughts on if I put an upright on the long angled wall? If you like this idea, what would I do with the rest of the space? Couches/chairs/where?

  • arcy_gw

    Where do you live? Pianos are easily set out of tune by moisture/temperature not being just right. If the door to the outside opens into this room I am not sure this is the best place for a piano. Again consult a piano teacher or the salesman.

    ecallister agradeció a arcy_gw
  • bpath reads banned books too

    This is not the ideal location for a piano, as far as the piano itself is concerned. However, it may be the only place to put one in the house. Add a nice big rug under it with strong padding to absorb vibrations.

    i wouldn't put it on the angled wall, it would get bumped by people coming in the door. It looks like a console-spinet-upright could go between the two windows on the outside wall. Me, I'd be uncomfortable playing with my back to the house (experience with sneaky siblings when we were kids lol), but your family may be comfortable, and it allows for placement of a couple of chairs on the wall where the passthrough is. Move the console table to the angled wall. You will want a cabinet or basket or something for music.

    A small sofa would NOT be the best choice; a couple of small "occasional" chairs and perhaps a chair from the dining room would be best.

    A baby grand would look nice tucked in the corner where the plant is. Maybe put plantation shutters on the pass-thru.

    Will a teacher come to the house, or will the students go to the teacher? Will other music be performed? I've seen local houses where the living room, which otherwise wouldn't be used, is the music room, with stands, music storage, and chairs, as well as instruments, ready for playing.

    Definitely consider plantaion shutters, sheers, or solar blinds on the windows to protect the piano.

    Will the digital piano stay? Or be moved?

    Beautiful floor!

    ecallister agradeció a bpath reads banned books too
  • PRO
    ArchiBusiness Marketing

    Good tips above. Also, use fabric drapes on the walls (up to the ceiling?) to help deaden echo on those tall walls.

    ecallister agradeció a ArchiBusiness Marketing
  • PRO
    Bayberry Cottage

    You have a few options. The baby grand is a wonderful idea, but you must thing about if it will sound good here and work well in the space. Note our other suggestion below.

    Equine Manor · Más información

    Equine Manor · Más información

    Douglas Cottage · Más información

    ecallister agradeció a Bayberry Cottage
  • ecallister

    Thanks for all of the comments. I think I am down to putting the mini grand piano in the corner where the plant is now as shown in the picture or an upright on angled wall or outside wall between the windows. Any thoughts on which you like best and what you would do with the rest of the room. Husband doesn't like the piano on the angled wall but i was thinking if it was the piano there no one would put stuff on top of it but if you put a narrow table or something it will probably end up with people putting their keys, etc... on it as they walk through the front door. i have a mud closet on the right when people walk in and i would like all stuff to stay in there behind closed doors ; ) Maybe I am being silly on this and maybe putting the upright on the outside wall (i know this is not best for a piano although our house is not too old). We take piano at someone's house now but in the future maybe it will happen at ours.

  • ecallister

    got a mini grand...thoughts now? plan to not keep the keyboard..other stuff can go if needed but might want to keep guitars and music stand

  • lizzie_grow

    Can you turn the piano to face outward into the room, with the pianist sitting behind it in the corner.

    I'd do that in that corner & then get two smallish, but comfy chairs to go where the keyboard is with a table between and lamp. I love your floors, but a cozy rug would look nice in there, too. Our GD plays piano (she's 8) & we like having a place to sit to hear her play. Maybe the chairs could be slipper chairs w/o arms to keep space open. Beautiful home, btw!!

    ecallister agradeció a lizzie_grow
  • decoenthusiaste

    I understand grands may not be as sensitive to drafts and being near outside walls but spinets need interior walls for their health.

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