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¿Tienes pensado hacer una obra de gran envergadura en Calumet City, IL? No siempre es fácil decidir por dónde empezar, así que lo más recomendable es que te dejes ayudar por la experiencia de un contratista o de una empresa contratista, la cual además te orientará a la hora de elegir a los profesionales más adecuados para tu proyecto. Una vez hayas echado un vistazo a los perfiles de varios contratistas de Calumet City, IL, seguro que sabrás cuál es el mejor para lo que tienes en mente. Después será cuestión de poner todo en papel a través de un contrato de obra. Contamos tanto con contratistas generales como con contratistas de obras menores en Calumet City, IL. Más
  • Cottage House

    To ensure that your remodeling project is done correctly the first time, the single most important component to th...

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  • Custom Built Home La Grange, Il

    High-End Design & Luxury Craftsmanship in Chicago | For 25+ Years

    Middy Construction, LLC. is a residential remodeling company with extensive single family restoration and remodeli...

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  • Kitchen Remodel in Westmont, Illinois

    Hyland Homes specializes in helping you find your next home and remodel it to your style and needs. As a real esta...

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  • Kitchens
    Free In-House Estimate

    Chicago Suburbs General Contractor

    We offer quality construction services from small repairs to complete renovations. Our team enjoys the art form o...

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  • Master Bathroom Remodel

    We understand that our customers are our greatest assets, which is why it is our goal to provide the best customer...

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  • Chicago's Quality Renovation and Remodeling Professionals

    B2 Construction LLC. specializes in interior and exterior home renovations, repairs, and upgrades. We also provide...

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  • Bathrooms, kitchens, condos - 123 Remodeling can build it, fix it, or update any home. Browse 123Remodeling.com fo...

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  • Chicagoland's Affordable, High Quality General Contracting Service

    Handy Jack Solutions LLC is an independent, full-service general contracting firm that not only delivers impeccabl...

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  • We are a Chicago-based, award-winning general contractor specializing in high-quality renovations and extensive re...

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  • South Chicago's Preferred Design Build Firm

    Whether planning a new commercial building or remodeling a current home, we offer effective and efficient design s...

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  • Provide residential remodeling services - kitchens, basements, bathrooms and additions.

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  • Greater Chicago's Go-To Full-Service Home Remodeling Team

    Managing a full-gut remodel or major construction project is our forte. Whether a full home remodel, a kitchen or...

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  • CMB Construction is a custom homebuilder and remodeler, serving Chicago with integrity and professionalism for ove...

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  • Domain is a full-service construction and design firm specializing in high-end, luxury properties in Chicago and s...

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  • Areté Renovators is a one-stop shop for your entire interior residential remodeling and new home construction prof...

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  • We are proud to simply say our projects speak for themselves. For over a decade, MOD Construction has successfully...

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  • Delta Star Group Inc. is a remodeling contractor serving the Chicago area. We build unique kitchens and bathrooms,...

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  • Our passion is improving your home environment. We undertake all types of work; from kitchen and bath renovation t...

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  • Mid Continental Building Corporation is a professional homebuilding and remodeling company in Chicago, Illinois. W...

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  • Q Construction, owned and operated by Gary Quateman, is a design and build construction firm specializing in build...

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  • Henry Coyle, President of Coyle Construction Company, has worked in the construction industry since age 10. Mentor...

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Valoraciones destacadas para 3.180 contratistas en Calumet City, IL

Middy Construction, LLC.
3.180 contratistas en Calumet City, IL
14 oct. 2019
“I have worked with Middy Construction for many years. Both in my home and for projects in my rental units. They are terrific, clean and on time. They have done detail work, like crown molding and trim as well as framing and other carpentry. The work is top notch in all cases - five stars.”
R Brand, Inc.
3.180 contratistas en Calumet City, IL
5 jun. 2013
“A little late with this review, but these guys definitely needed to be complimented. We did a complete small bathroom remodeling project last year and we contacted these gentlemen for their services. They did a wonderful, professional, on-time job for us and we will definitely be looking at using them for our future larger bathroom project. They changed out floors, shower, shower doors, walls, sink, toilet, vanity, mirror and did an outstanding job and took owner changes or concerns in stride. Very courteous and clean and followed their estimate closely. I recommend R Brand Homes for home upgrades and remodeling projects wholeheartedly.”
Innovative Design Concepts Inc
3.180 contratistas en Calumet City, IL
29 feb. 2016
“I highly recommend Innovative Design Concepts for any organization or individual seeking outstanding architectural/design services. Our organization worked with Chris over a three year period to design a major renovation to our structure which was over 60 years old and was severely outdated. Chris worked with us to prepare a new site plan, exterior elevations, and floor plan, including a 2D color rendering of the project. Throughout our engagement with Chris, we found him to be extremely knowledgeable and resourceful in addressing our concerns and some of the constraints of our project (space, cost). He came to us with creative solutions and ultimately the final product was visually stunning and exactly what we needed from a functional perspective. We also found Chris and his colleagues to be extremely responsive to our questions and needs, and very open to our feedback. IDCI's professionalism and outstanding customer service really made the design process smooth and enjoyable. I would not hesitate to hire IDCI again. Thank you Chris!”
Chi Renovation & Design
3.180 contratistas en Calumet City, IL
11 jun. 2014
“Chi Renovation remodeled my bathroom, refinished the hardwood floors, and painted all the walls. I'm very meticulous and, consequently, I am NOT an easy customer. So, when a job is done with superior quality, I want to acknowledge it and give full credit. Background I live in a 1-bedroom, Gold Coast condo that's about 700 Sq Ft. I hadn't updated it in 10 years and was really ready for change. I decided to refinish the wood floors, paint all the walls, and completely remodel the bathroom. I consulted with and received bids from 3 companies before choosing Chi-Renovation. Superior Advice & Direction Since I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to do to the bathroom or the colors I would choose for the walls, I was open to suggestions. The Chi-Renovation Project Manager showed me pictures and asked questions to be better understand my tastes, how I would use the space, and my vision. He then gave me great recommendations regarding color and design elements and did most of the shopping for me. For example: He brought tile, accent options, and wood finishes to my home based on my preferences. He sent photographs of options for the fixtures, toilet, tub, etc. This was incredibly helpful because I don't have a car nor the time to do that kind of running around. I was pleased and impressed with the advice and direction that he gave me. He also met with the chief engineer for my building at the beginning of the project to manage all of the technical stuff. He made the process VERY easy for me. Exceptional Crew I was also impressed with the caliber of their expert craftsmen. The custom vanity and cabinets that they made are absolutely beautiful and fit perfectly despite the awkward constraints of the space. The tilework is like art -- beautiful and flawless. And, the refinished hardwood floors look like new. Perfect! And, they completed everything in just 4 weeks! Why Chi Renovation & Design? TRUST... Before witnessing any of their work in my own space, I chose them because after seeing examples of their work and speaking to them, I trusted that they would do what they said they would do when they said they would do it and that they would do it with integrity (in terms of their professional conduct and the materials they used): On Budget - On Time - Highest Quality. I appreciated having the Project Manager (who also provided wonderful design direction) as a central point of contact for all elements of the project and their entire crew proved worthy of my trust... so much so that I felt comfortable taking a mini out-of-state vacation for the last week of the project while they painted the walls and refinished the floors. The Cost I was quoted $12,600 for the work (and that included basic building materials). I paid an additional $4,700 for my custom vanity and cabinets, tempered glass sink, brushed nickel fixtures (for the sink, tub, and shower), and tile. The price was reasonable given my vision for the space, the types design elements that I chose, and the quality of the work.”
Hyland Homes
3.180 contratistas en Calumet City, IL
12 may. 2013
“There are three words I would use to describe Brent: honest, prompt, and knowledgeable. We hired Brent to refinish our basement, which had flooded from the previous owners and renovate our master bedroom and bathroom, which had major structural and floor issues. The first thing he did was assess the situation and because of his experience and knowledge in real estate, he also talked to us about what changes would be most beneficial to us if we decided to sell at a later time. He then drafted an estimate of the project, including details about what would be done and at what time. Throughout the project, if we ever had a question, he was prompt in his reply and very upfront, which we thought was very important. Details of the project: - Basement: drywall (new closet), electrical, HVAC, painting, and carpet - Bedroom/Bathroom: drywall (most of the drywall was removed due to a complete new layout in the bathroom with new closets), HVAC, electrical, tiling, doorless shower, windows, painting, hardwood floors in the bedroom, installation of sliding door, and a designed, tiled wall going into the shower We've had a few different people do projects at our house prior to Brent and none of them even came close to the professionalism, knowledge, and execution that Brent and his team displayed. I would highly recommend Brent to anyone.”
Barts Remodeling & Construction, Inc.
3.180 contratistas en Calumet City, IL
6 feb. 2014
“I recommend Barts Remodeling for their excellent offerings and stylish designs that have appealed to everyone alike. They provided such a simple designs and classy styles that I was at a loss to understand the best design to select. Their affordable prices were like an icing on the cake and I still feel they provide the best ever renovation solutions for every budget.”
123 Remodeling Inc.
3.180 contratistas en Calumet City, IL
11 sept. 2013
“If you are looking for great customer service (exceeding expectations in my experience), and high quality work being done on your place within or before a projected deadline, 123 remodeling is the company to go with and here are a few examples of why. After moving forward with 123, a project manager Ariel picked me up and helped me shop for both of my bathroom remodels, providing helpful advice based on his experience but still totally respecting my personal style. We found everything I needed within a couple hours and he was also able to get my an amazing discount on everything purchased. He then picked me up a second time to help me find tiles for my bathroom backsplash which was still unfinished from my previous nightmare remodeling experience even though 123 wasn't even contracted to work on my kitchen so this was extremely nice of him and definitely not in the contract. Aside from the project management, the actual worker bee was amazing. He showed up every single day out of about 30 work days except one 1 (because of car trouble) and worked straight from 8 to 4 (the hours my building allows you to work) barely breaking for lunch. When he did break though, he hung out with our Dog and was always very nice and loving to him which we appreciated :). His work was impeccable. There were a few things we added on at the end or asked to be changed that 123 did without adding any costs or giving us any grief. Yes, the project cost was expensive BUT I got quotes from 2 other companies that came in right at the same price or higher so 123 is definitely comparable to any other remodeling company that provides professional, high quality service and work. If your priority is having a positive, stress free remodeling experience, where you need some advice and help picking out material, go with 123. You will not regret it. I spent 9 months in a horrible kitchen remodeling nightmare because I tried to go with someone who could not be held accountable for failing to deliver on what we had discussed and I ended up spending twice as much in the end and having to wait 9 months for my kitchen to be finished. If I could go back, I would hire 123 again without a second thought. Could not recommend them more. Enjoy!”
Pryor Construction Inc
3.180 contratistas en Calumet City, IL
12 dic. 2012
“I'm unsure if this is a duplicate review but Pryor did an excellent job of explaining the best way of doing the work. New front porch was expertly constructed and under budget. Craftsmanship outstanding. I thought I had to do new foundation work but he showed me the issue was the downspout. They saved me a lot of money..All work was timely and under budget. I had a minor issue with a Window, I called and without asking any questions they came over and fixed the problem for free. Highly recommend!!!!”
A Street Builders, Inc.
3.180 contratistas en Calumet City, IL
6 oct. 2015
“My experience with A-Street Builders was excellent. They were creative and responsive to my needs. My basement was literally transformed from a dark, traditional space into something bright and modern. The quality of the work was outstanding. Everything was done in a timely fashion, and the project came in at budget.”
CMB Construction
3.180 contratistas en Calumet City, IL
22 jun. 2017
“We have been in our house for over a year now that CMB did for us and we could not be happier. They were very easy to work with. We love how everything turned out in our house. They always kept us updated on what was going on. The time frame they gave us for the renovation was correct. I would and have recommended them to other people. The houses they do are not only beautiful but well done.”
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