Having Blinds and Shutters for Windows of House

10 de Marzo de 2014
I just purchased a new home and am debating between having blinds versus shutters for the windows. My original intent was to have blinds for all windows, but I think shutters give off a more of an upscale look. Wanting to be price conservative as well, is it possible to opt for shutters for the windows on the front of the house only and use blinds for the remaining windows? Could I do a mix and match setup as mentioned or would that be weird and warrant unflattering questions? Thanks in advance!

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  • hayleydaniels
    I think it's a good idea to put shutters where it matters for looks, and blinds where no one will see them.

    As far as if it would be weird, keep in mind that it's YOUR house, and you don't have to answer to the design police unless you want to. Why not make your home your own instead of worrying what others think. I've contended for 30+ years now that the average person would wear a cow pie [cow patty] on their head if it was in style the need to fit in is so strong in most people.
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  • qam999
    I have a lot of interior shutters and really like the uniformity. They are the only window treatment that actually adds appraised value to your house.

    OTOH, blinds can look fine too and can be preferable for function as well as cost. If the blinds match the shutters (same wood color and vane width) then the difference won't be glaring. In other words, it will be fine as long as you make sure that windows that are side by side and similar sizes get the same or similar treatment.
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  • Johnny
    Although you have a good point in that it is my house and I can do whatever I want and not care what others think, I still would like a look that myself and most people would like, especially since I'm not sold one way or another.

    As far as having blinds where no one will see them would be rather difficult in what I was envisioning. I was thinking of putting shutters in the front of the house (dining room, entry, and guest restroom) so they will be visiable from the street for a nicer look. However, directly opposite of the entry door towards the back of the house is where my living room is with 4 8-feet high bay windows that I was thinking of putting blinds on. So in that case, it is possible to be standing in the middle of the house and see the shutters looking towards the front and turn around to see the blinds. I wasn't sure if that would be a significant clash in styles?
  • hayleydaniels
    I know exactly what you mean, but trust your judgement on this, and don't feel compelled to do things you don't want to because it's the thing to do. If you can afford to put shutters on all your windows, by all means, do so. But don't feel that if you can't, using blinds is somehow inferior. The best thing you can use is the best that you can afford.
  • PRO
    Gesang Remodeling
    We have interior shutters and love the look and get loads of compliments. But they are only on about half the windows in the house. And we've never had a neg comment or a question about the arrangement.
  • PRO
    Delmarva Blinds & Shutters
    A few things to consider shutters are more expensive but for a home you plan on being in for a while shutters are great insulators and they are hold there value if you were to sell.They are one of the first things people look for when buying a home. Because they are a fixture what ever you spend on them will be added to the value of your home in a appraisal. Blinds only get a 500$ on the appraisal of you home .good luck john
  • PRO
    Custom Decor Solutions

    Many customers go with shutters in the front of their home and blinds in other rooms. It's important to be consistent in the front.

    Shutters are a very complete look as they will frame out your window. They are also made to cover arch or contour windows with ease. With a shutter, you can be "done" and not feel you have to add additional window coverings.

    Shutters will also increase the marketability of your home. Well worth the investment.

    Good luck! Nancy

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