Your kitchen's best feature?

Emily H
hace 6 años
What is the single best feature of your kitchen? Is it the finishes, the counter space? What is your one favorite element?

Tell us! (photos encouraged)

San Anselmo Kitchen · Más información

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  • sunnydrew
    I love my kitchen makeover with new Formica "petrified wood' counters. It is crazy different, but that's what I wanted.
  • sbrustein
    Nancy Walton- I too LOVE your granite. It has so much movement. What is it called?
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    Muchas gracias por contestarme a las dos, si me decanto por el agua marina mejor ké el gris, no, no voy a poner nada en esa pared, porque, es ké no Le puedo hacer una foto a la habitación entera, porque la cocina está metida, dentro del salón y con el sofá pues nos pasamos un pokitin de grande y se come el salón y los muebles de la cocina son enteros hasta el techo, para ké me crupier an más cosas y el mueble de TV me lo están haciendo a medida y lo ké puedo lo pongo hasta el techo, porque el espacio no me sobra, así ké dejando esa pared sin nada, es como ké kita la pesadez...
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  • Nancy Walton
    Golden Sun. It has a lot of feldspar in it, which you can't see in the photo. Feldspar is a pinky quartz vein.
  • edithsmom
    Love our freezer on the bottom fridge with separate temp controls and how the fridge keeps veggies fresh.
  • tiamay
    The storage space. And the island, with - you guessed it, more storage space.
    Also the size of the kitchen is great for all the entertaining we do. Eventually we plan to change out the floor and get a backsplash but for now, I'm fine with things as they are.
  • dianecourbat
    My favorite thing is my mirror backsplash. It makes the room sparkle and appear twice it's actual size.
  • PRO
    Sustainable Dwellings
    My pantry/safe room.
  • PRO
    My lovely hubby cooking in it !!! :-)
    No pics as he's shy ! Bless him !!!
  • annpossis
    My kitchen's best feature is a custom neon sign in turquoise, white, & pink that says "Eat at Ann's". And Ann's is in my signature! My former husband had it made for our first Christmas together--creative & thoughtful, as I LOVE neon. :)
  • Nancy Walton
    How about a photo, Ann? I'd love to see it!
  • alwaysdesigning
    Since we just moved into our house we designed, I love my entire kitchen. We were able to design an "L" shape kitchen, where prep area wraps around and is hidden from the living room and houses our microwave, toaster oven, countertop appliances, refrigerator, and lots of storage and a pantry. It is the "make ready" area where the mess can be hidden from view. A photo is hard to capture the entire space. The honed Uba Tuba and slate and copper backsplash are a great accent.
  • alwaysdesigning
    Since we just moved into our house we designed, I love my entire kitchen. We were able to design an "L" shape kitchen, where prep area wraps around and is hidden from the living room and houses our microwave, toaster oven, countertop appliances, refrigerator, and lots of storage and a pantry. It is the "make ready" area where the mess can be hidden from view. A photo is hard to capture the entire space. The honed Uba Tuba and slate and copper backsplash are a great accent.
  • victorianbungalowranch
    Not everyone's first choice, but the 1962 ballet slipper pink tiles have grown on me, and I like the "retro" cabinet pulls. My kitchen is too cluttered for a photo, but this is what it looked like before I bought it. We rearranged and a fridge has replaced the stove, and the coffeepot is where the microwave used to be.
  • bbarick
    The best feature of any kitchen is...the COOK! No matter how plain or fancy a kitchen is, its purpose is to provide good food. As long as the appliances work and the space is clean, a good cook can shine even if the kitchen isn't huge, granite, or home to a Wolf range.
  • annpossis
    OK Nancy Walton, here's a pic of the "Eat at Ann's" sign. :) I live in a 1950s knotty pine cabin on the shore of Lake Superior, so it fits in well and brightens up the darkish walls.
  • bbarick
    @sunnnydrew...Love your kitchen! so nice to see one that isn't white or espresso!
  • joyce_6333
    Nancy, just love your granite! I'm trying to find a granite to go on our island that would compliment the Bianco Romano on our perimeters. I definitely will take a look at the Golden Sun. Never heard of it before. Thx.
  • Nancy Walton
    Thank you, Ann. Looks great!
  • Carole Dumoulin
    Love the porcelain cream color floors ,quartz island counter top, travertene backsplash, the mix of cream and brown that continues into the dining area
  • Ann Tillman
    I love my kitchen island!
  • Carole Dumoulin
    The cream and brown continues into the dining area
  • mollypuetz
    My ann sack backslash subwaytile and
    Cesar stone London gray countertops
  • mtrezza
    I do NOT want to be negative here (I hate all the negative comments people post) but I can honestly say there is NOTHING I like about my kitchen: The counters are coming away from the wall, the refrigerator is too small, not enough room for my boys & I to cook together, the BIG ugly fluorescent light goes out all the time, everything is outdated. But, I DO like my "PANTRY" off the kitchen we cut a hole in the wall that leads to the garage & made a pantry ..THAT I DO LOVE !
  • JmsPdx
    The 300-bottle climate-controlled wine room that was installed in part of our gigantic walk-in pantry.
  • mtrezza
    wow beautiful jmspdx ...Now after seeing this..I hate MY PANTRY
  • makios
    I like the transition of the quarts counters and butcher-block breakfast bar. Lighting works well also.
  • rocketjcat
    My corner countertop windows. Not the snow.
  • PRO
    Graystone Home Staging & Redesign
    That there is room to prepare dinner for all 12 members of my family (aunt, uncle, dad, his wife, cousins, and their children)
  • JmsPdx
    Makios: I LOVE the style of your kitchen. Mine is gigantic and has many nice features, but the former owners had very traditional tastes. If I'd had my way, it would look like yours. Gorgeous!
  • cjens11
    My green mosaic backsplash and porcelaine/ststeel countertop...okay, that's 2 things, but I love my kitchen! It inspires me to be creative. :)
  • houseatthelake
    The view sometimes I see deer from the window
  • darob1952
    New home on our farm with a great farmhouse kitchen! Love my custom cabinets by Curtis Furniture..especially the pantry with recycle bins! And the very large island!
  • Ryan Basinger
    Everything in our recent DIY remodel. But if I had to pick one, our expanded kitchen island that has seating room now, a bookshelf, and the stained table legs. It is fun to cook on the island cooktop and still be able to be part of a conversation on the other side of the kitchen or in the family room. This was a fairly easy addition, we even made the countertop ourselves.
  • Maura
    The potential.
  • greeneyemoon
    The window! We are in the process of renovating our 1950's Hawaiian Plantation house kitchen and decided to put some of my favorite tropical flowers in stained glass.
  • bferlenda
    The backsplash I did and the light fixture my husband installed.
  • okdokegal
    greeneyemoon, I *LOVE* those! Did you have them done custom or buy them from someplace?
  • greeneyemoon
    We had a local Big Island artist custom make them. I can connect you with her if you are interested.
  • Dreacorator
    I embrace you, Hideous Kitchen. For although you are avocado, without proper storage, have vertigo- inducing wallpaper and had a petrified chipmunk under the stove when we first got acquainted, you will one day Win Me A New Kitchen! Like one of those ugly hairless cats or award winning so ugly, it's cute dogs, I would love to make you a youtube sensation. You are worthy of Oprah 's crocodile tears, and a dance from ellen, and more than enough sarcasm from Jeff lewis. You are That Ugly! Houzz - although a pair of slippers would be awesome, what about each state a winner gets a home makeover? You pair homeowners with designers/ contractors, and products, what about showing how well houzz can ACTUALLY work when all meet? It gets a little redundant just being on the upper echelon of novice, into yearn to be designer and homeowner - who can show me how to build the bridge beyond my limitations?
  • okdokegal
    I would love it, greeneyemoon, but I'm afraid I can't afford shipping. :( Do pass on, I think they're just GORGEOUS though, and how unique.
  • banarasilaljangir
    Very nice I like too your interior,i am in semiprecious stone&Mother of pearls interior projects you can see
  • PRO
    LB Interiors
    A built-in trash can. I hate trash cans out and they take up too much floor space.
    Mauriss' Yorba Linda Tuscany Kitchen · Más información
  • greeneyemoon
    okdokegal - Stained Glass artist on the Island is Seneca Lalonde (808) 965-6365 or email: Mahalo!
  • PRO
    Lori Dennis, Inc.
    Love this kitchen, simple but so elegant!!
  • banarasilaljangir
    Should be brilliant in interior,i like.
  • PRO
    Comforts of Home
    I love almost thing everything about my 20 year old kitchen. It was added on to our old farmhouse. The best part is the kitchen's location. Can see the back and side yard. It's an open floor plan but you cannot see the kitchen from the entry or the mudroom. I cook everyday and it can often be messy.
  • designideas4me
    I guess I will choose my jenn air black floating glass refrigerator and all the food in it....since the rest of the kitchen is basically still in the "potential" phaze.
  • Mark
    My kitchen was built on the ground where rare sitings occur. That has to be the best feature.
    You probably will not know what the Cookamealio is but it's a rare sighting and happens in my kitchen.
  • Luciana
    Wow, Mark, I didn't know the phenomenon has been named and catalogued. I think my spouse would vote that the best feature in our kitchen too (yay me!!)
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