How old is your home?

Jeannie Nguyen
hace 6 años
Age ain't nothin' but a number!

But we still want to know how old your home is. :)

Post the magical number, and a photo too!

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  • jbunny
    Our newly-purchased home is an Arts and Crafts beauty in Victoria BC. It's 100 years old this year, and, amazingly, we are only its second owners. The heritage-designated house is in all-original condition (including the wood stove in the kitchen!), which is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it's had no injustices done to it, but, on the other, few essential updates were made, either. This means that we have a long road of restoration and repair ahead of us. The photos show the work in progress...
  • PRO
    Shuler Architecture
    I've been lovingly restoring my 1912 Craftsman bungalow for 17 years. I have a love/hate relationship with old houses and don't know if I will ever attempt this again! I don't think there is a square inch of this place that I haven't scraped, stripped, removed, repainted, replumbed, rewired, reducted or replaced. Yes, they don't build them like they used to....
  • lepstein
    I'm so happy to hear that people are taking the care and consideration to restore the old houses. There are many stories in them there walls and their beauty and craftsmanship is without measure!
  • addisonlynch
    Built in 1910 (103 years old) & built onto sometime in the 1930's. Originally had a wrap around porch & what we consider the side of the house was the front when 1st built. Maybe someday we can do a wrap around porch. Still looking for an original picture. Completely remodeled inside in 1998 & 1999. We have lived here 2 years.
  • PRO
    Shuler Architecture
    Built in 1912 and lovingly restored for 17 years
  • bluenan
    sherrygrisham, I think I remember your lovely home from a design dilemma from a couple of years ago. It must have been when you first moved in.
  • addisonlynch
    bluenan, yes I was getting ideas for front porch. Still working on it, I want to see an original pic before I do anything.
  • PRO
    Suzan J Designs Decorating Den Interiors
    1895 - 119 years old, the house on the right (we jokingly tell people to look for the smallest house on the block). Haven't started work on the exterior yet - been spending all our time on the interior!
  • PRO
    Decorating Den Interiors
    and boy, is Suzan's house ever beautiful on the inside - I've been there!
  • J Petempich
    2007-2008 It's off the grid and collects rain water.
  • Cathy DiVello
    Our current home is a 124 old Folk Victorian in Way Upstate NY, our previous home (which we custom built and was hard to leave) is 10, in central Maine.
  • lvstotrvl
    We had our house built in Naples, FL in 1998 so it's going on 16 yrs. Our last house was built in New England (MA) 1937 still miss the house but not the weather!! Love all the older homes. :)
  • PRO
    Kathryn Peltier Design
    You must be especially not missing the weather this year, lvstotrvl! We're waiting for the latest snowstorm to start here tonight in Michigan....*sigh*
  • Brandi Nash Hicks
    65 years ,we live in the church parsonage,we are two blocks from downtown chattanooga,the pastor of the church has his own home ,we got very lucky finding this place 4000 square feet at $825 a month,rental property in this area is as much as $3000 for this area,like I said we got lucky
  • rozy4
    100 hundred years old this year!
  • eightpondfarm
    Cool rozy4! are you having a house party?… errr i mean houzz party
  • rozy4
    100 years old this year.
  • rozy4
    Yes a grand Houzz party, replete with cake and ice cream and lots of lemonade. Won't that be fun?
  • Melanie Parker
    I love seeing everyone's homes. They are all so beautiful.

    This is my first home. Building 1953, so 61 years old. A project in the making.
  • bungalowmo
    Melanie....that place has a ton of potential! Especially if you like anything mid-century modern. Yours is a classic rancher....reminds me of the house I grew up in! in'62...crying because I wasn't old enough to go to school!
  • benlaf
    1855, Compton, Québec, Canada
  • natandalex
    Ninety years old this year. I have posted before on this thread but given its my favorite time of year to decorate the exterior...figured I would post again...even if its just a close up shot!
  • Karen Hennessy

    looking at a house built in 1801 right now, bit scared...anyone regret buying such an old house???

  • Rachel M
    78 years old. Built in 1937
  • lepstein

    Mine isn't quite that old, Karen, and I am currently having some foundation repairs done, but I don't regret a minute of buying and living in my 1912 home for 38 years this Thursday.

  • bungalowmo

    Mine isn't "that" old, but...

    There are certain things to sort of check off a mental list. While old homes can certainly have their issues, these will not be a bother to you if you have often felt a love for these old gals.

    There is something inside old house lovers that cannot be explained...we're old souls & are not scared away of possible plaster repairs...we're ok with learning the correct way to restore certain things.

    If you look at that house & have a longer list of things to replace, than the list of old things you love, then maybe a newer place is in order.

    If you can live with the fact that (depending on the condition) there may be rooms you can't use for a while while restorations are taking place...then this could be the one.

    Be sure to get a home inspector that is well versed in old homes.

    We love photos! Got some?? :0)

  • Sally Pascale

    Built in 1850, so 165 years old, a brick victorian, added onto at least three times, and we are only the fourth owners. I'd put up a picture, but I'm incompetent, and don't have a teenager around to help me at the moment.

    Known locally as the Charles Chaffee house, he was the owner of the Medlicott Mill on the river, and made wool for the Union army uniforms during the Civil War. He also erected the town's VFW hall, dedicated to the GAR, and we have the exact same mosaic tiles in the fireplace!

    Fifteen rooms, and a barn complete with box stalls, on just over an acre. We love it.

  • notadumbblond
    My house was built in 1969. We purchased it from the original owners 4 years ago as a flip, and committed the cardinal sin. We fell in love with it! I can't see us ever leaving.
  • bungalowmo

    Sally....I'm looking at your kitchen ideabook! Loving it!

  • Sally Pascale

    Well thank you so much! The over mantle and fireplace are original to the house.

  • willy4
    5 years!
  • Dawn Danley-Nichols
    150 this year, built in 1865.
  • kpappal
    Our house is just 4 yrs old. It's dark outside so I can't post a picture. We moved here (built the house), after living in an 1890 farmhouse for 10 years.
  • Jeena
    Our house was supposedly built in the 1750s. How does one go about finding the history of her house?
  • Jennifer R
    The first house I have owned, 90 years old this year.
  • Simone Bostic
    cooper1908, what colors did you use on your house? It is spectacular.
  • vabluecrab

    257 years old!

  • ocotillaks

    89 years old. 1 1/2 story Craftsman Bungalow farm house on 5 ac. Which we are selling next year due to a job change.

  • nidnay
    I love looking at all these old homes! I have to say though, that the prize goes to the house with the old shoes hidden in the ceiling.
  • miss lindsey (stillmissesSophie,chase,maifleur,others

    The main part of our house (kitchen, dining, entry hall) was built in the 40's and incorporated windows taken from the old farmhouse, probably turn of the (19th-20th) century. There was allegedly a stable next to it that was incorporated into the house in the 60's (probably, going by the design choices) but that info came from a neighbour who may have been mistaken; it seemed like an addition to me. We had to rebuild that from the ground up to bring it to the same level as the main house instead of a dropped floor. The 70's brought the transformation of the garage into a rec room.

    So the short answer is, 2-75 years!!

    We peeled back up to five different of floors, four layers of wall, and three or four ceilings in each room :-D

  • stlouisgaltoo
    "Too". As in many reno bills, repair bills, maintenance bills. Old farmhouse...1920's era.
  • stlouisgaltoo
    Great answer Lindsey! A quilt is only as old as the NEWEST fabric in it! Loved your reply.
  • sharayak
    Officially 1912, the first year the city recorded houses, but we have plumbing permits from 1910, so about 107 years old. It's currently recovering from a 70s exterior renovation, I can't wait to rip those shutters and vinyl siding down.
  • SueBee

    Our house was built in 1907 so it is 110 years old.

    I have a plaque in the entry way with the names of the original owner, the carpenter who built it and others who lived here. I love my little old house!

  • 1908place

    built 1908 meulière stone villa in Parisian suburb

  • tfitz1006

    1927-our last two homes are the same year!

  • eightpondfarm

    answered above but wanted to put up a pretty Spring pic of our homestead farmhouse. Built in 1848

  • nmp19
    This is our 1937 brick bungalow. We are the second owners and have lived in our home 35 years. Everything is original to the home and well built with quality materials and craftsmanship; solid cherry woodwork and doors, arched limestone fireplace, hardwood floors, coved ceilings, six inch plaster walls, marble windows sills and black steel fenestra windows. Maintenance is our top priority; new roof, gutters and an efficient furnace.
  • PRO
    Robert M. Cain, Architect

    nmp19 and eightpondfarm: "well built with quality materials and craftsmanship" is rare these days. Maintaining, rescuing and restoring these homes is a worthy endeavor and we congratulate you. Every home should be designed and built to last many generations. The very floorboards speak.

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