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Any ideas to make cabinets look less distressed?

Jackie S
hace 2 meses

Bought a new house, dont love the cabinets. any ideas? Not a fan of the distressing.

Wondering if it’s possible to replane them or go lighter and less shiney?

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  • PRO
    HALLETT & Co.
    hace 2 meses

    Have a cabinet maker fabricate all new doors and refinish the boxes to match. $$$

    Jackie S agradeció a HALLETT & Co.
  • PRO
    Creative Design Cabinetry
    hace 2 meses

    Like Hallett said, new doors & moldings, paint the rest.

    Jackie S agradeció a Creative Design Cabinetry
  • klem1
    hace 2 meses

    Verbo "The massive amount of rustic rock and stripey rudtic floor is far more of an “lodge” offender than the cabinets. Save your money. Small changes won’t fix what is wrong about that space. If you didn’t want an upscale cabin in the woods, this wasnt the house to purchase. At least, not without several hundred thousand standing by to make massive changes."

    My thoughts exactly.

  • herbflavor
    hace 2 meses

    you could probably sell them ...the existing condition is of value. best to evaluate the space in the context of the home [we cant see very much] and gather inspiration photos of your preferred 'look" ...then figure out what you need to do ,and how you would do it, at what cost.

  • M Miller
    hace 2 meses
    Última modificación: hace 2 meses

    @Jackie S - I agree with the advice given by @HALLETT & Co. However, I think you should wait a couple of months and live in your new house before spending large amounts of money on refacing the kitchen cabinets. You might find after living there a little while that you hate the kitchen layout, or that the boxes are rickety. In either of those cases, they’d not then be worth putting new doors on and doing any refinishing.

    Without seeing the rest of the kitchen, I can’t tell if the layout needs work or not. I like the stone wall from what I can see.

    Jackie S agradeció a M Miller
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