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Künstler Plus
el último año

Renovate your space and change your life

The improvement of a space always brings enhancements, that is why in Kunstler we strive to offer the best products for our customers to achieve the best results in their works. We have special " customized" services, installation and much more; providing high-end products in the market, we provide the highest quality products, we look forward to offer the audience their dream work come true through the finishing of our first class materials.

That said, we cautiously invite you to join us in our last renovation, located in Golden Beach in the state of Florida; the client requested a refurbishment/remodeling/adaptation of a Guest House, he wanted a modern, elegant and functional vision of the space, and that's how our products did the magic to give life to the space, obtaining as a result a totally renovated Guest House.

We used materials such as wood veneer maple to customize the wall unit; we also managed to change the image of a traditional cabinet with drawers, using materials such as black quartz magic for its top, giving it a shiny and refined finish, and combined materials such as wood veneer ebony and marble mosaic tile for the interior and exterior faces, respectively; these touches gave us as a result a new piece of furniture.

By applying a graphic wallpaper in wood tones and custom made doors, we were able to meet our client's expectations for this project.

What do you think about the change of this space, what colors and materials would you have used, do you like the concept we got for this space?

Your opinions are valuable and important to us.

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  • PRO
    Antonio Cilea
    el último año

    Reformar una vivienda no es solamente contratar un paleta o una empresa, sino pensar a los espacios, personalizar estancias, mejorar la distribución, aprovechar cada esquina, en fin, crear algo a medida del cliente, como si fuera un vestido. Por esto la parte previa a la obra, a donde se define cada detalle del proyecto, es fundamental. Contactar con un arquitecto, no solo de garantiza que legalmente hayan todos los permisos y que cada profesional tenga un seguro en vigor, sino que te ahorra futuros dolores de cabeza y te evita problemas de mala ejecución.


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