Plain Jane Rancher Needs Some Lovin’

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Two years ago we downsized to this 1964 ranch home. We’ve focused primarily on work inside and are now turning our attention to the front yard. As the photos show the current landscaping is very symmetrical and nondescript. We’d like to keep at least a few of the basic plantings along the house but add variety in height, color and texture. Maybe add an ornamental tree or two further out in the yard... Since we have a lake cottage where we spend our summers we don’t want to put anything in that requires much attention from June-September. We’re in southern Ohio in zone 6.

We would love to have your suggestions for improving the curb appeal of our home. The house isn’t ugly but it could certainly use a little pizzazz! Thanks much.

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    To improve the look and get rid of some plainness, there needs to be something other than a single hedge in the making. You could use 3 of the hedge plants (keeping them in the same place and getting rid of the rest) to make larger, rounded shrub forms below the windows (by trimming the shrubs differently). However, it will really be next to impossible to pull off with the walk plastered as close to the house as it currently is. There is NO room for any imaginative landscaping between the walk and house. If you were inclined to redo the walk (and the stoop and steps are crying out to be enlarged) it would be the start of making a new landscape possible. I'm not specifying what plants (besides your existing shrubs) you'd need, but showing what forms and how to arrange them.

    A couple of flowering street trees would be nice spaced out along the parkway.

  • Rocksie

    Yardvaark, thanks much for the suggestions - very helpful. Until I saw your rendering I didn’t realize how much the house was crying out for the massed rounded forms under the windows. Really softens the appearance. As you mention we may need to consider putting in a new walkway further out from the house to achieve the desired effect. Thanks again for the good ideas!

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    Twelve Gardens Ltd.

    Do you like cottage-style gardens? If so:

    Place a narrow lattice so that it runs between the top of the windows and the gutter, then down along the sides of the house—on which to grow vines. Non aggressive ones. For example, depending upon where you are located, clematis vine and possibly a rose. A lattice of cedar, either left to weather into silver-grey, or painted pale grey, would work for this. Use this only in the side with white siding; the brick side could be left as-is.

    On the left/brick side, a planting bed that extends about 12ft toward the street and then swings generously around the corner for perennials and shrubs, making sure to incorporate different levels for interest. An ornamental tree in the lawn in front of the brick side of the house, closer to the sidewalk. Then extend the planting bed on the white siding side of the house as well, and continue it along the driveway, perhaps 3ft wide. When it reaches the sidewalk area, it could expand to about 5ft diameter, with shrub, and something structural (mailbox on post, light on pole, boulder, low fence) and flowering perennials. If you use the low fence for structure, plant both behind it and in front of it.

    The plantings would be : evergreens for structure; seasonal sequence of color from deciduous shrubs and herbaceous perennials; vines.

  • Rocksie

    TwelveGardens - really appreciate your creative ideas. I’ve thought about the trellis idea for the white side of the house before but need to go to a local nursery to find plants that would do well with a north exposure in the area that is also shaded by the roof overhang. The previous owner put in a rose bush in the corner on the brick side of the house but it seems to struggle and has not bloomed.

    On the left side of the house adjacent to the brick front (east exposure)there is a perennial garden with lovely red tulips in the spring and Shasta daises in late summer. I would love to have some of this color in the front next to the house but I’m concerned about the lack of sun. However, putting a bed near the end of the driveway as you suggest would be a much better option. Thanks for the ideas! We’ll definitely give them some consideration.

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    Twelve Gardens Ltd.

    That's a great idea, to head to the local nursery and discuss plant selection with them—maybe take photos of the house with you to better explain.

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  • Rocksie

    DigDoug - the house looks beautiful! Love what you did with the landscape forms and colors. Really gives us some useful ideas for improving our home. Thanks much!

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    RL Relocation LLC

    maybe go a bit more contemporary with the shutter and door color.

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