anthracite or lacquered bare metal RADS?

Tani H-S
19 de Febrero de 2019

Just deciding between these radiators for our new extension. One will go on a large wall - not sure what colour it will be painted yet.

The other will go on a brick wall.

Questions -

Do they both need to be the same finish? They are the only ones in the room but are a few meters apart.


or Anthracite:-


Which finish do you think is best to work with our semi -industrial style that would go with a multitude of wall colours/finishes.

Does anyone have this type of rad as not been able to see one up close so don't want to be disappointed with it.


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  • Sonia

    They look very similar to me, just that the anthracite in a little darker! I’m veering towards anthracite..........

  • Tani H-S
    Yes he said the raw metal was similar but the finish is just less immaculate. It’s not as dark as it’s just bare metal with a varnish finish
  • Sonia

    Ooh I think I like the bare metal idea, sort of industrial. Nice. Basically I’m undecided lol!

  • Tani H-S
    Ha ha, oh no! That’s two of us now ;0)
  • Martin

    I think Resh has the metal ones at the bottom of here....[https://www.houzz.co.uk/discussions/victorian-renovation-in-london-part-3-finish-line-dsvw-vd~5007838[(https://www.houzz.co.uk/discussions/victorian-renovation-in-london-part-3-finish-line-dsvw-vd~5007838) I think you should use the same finish on both, i'd side with Anrthracite but not much in it just a more matt finish

  • Tani H-S
    @Martin - might have to spend some time on that thread as I got lost and couldn’t find them, ha ha ha
  • Carolina
    This is an anthracite one in my kitchen.
  • Tani H-S

    @Carolina - I had the same one in my last house but it wasn't on a huge wall. Hard to know if the bare metal one is nice as some look too new and clean yet you can some that look like proper raw steel which is what I would have preferred. The link in the image looks too shiny from the pictures so it's hard to know :o/

  • Carolina

    Based on the links, I'd go for anthracite

  • Tani H-S
    I think between those the anthracite might be nicer as the shop said the finish on the raw one is pretty much as per the picture which is not amazing tbh

    I’m sure I could find a really good raw finish but at least double the cost! Ha ha. Oh well.
  • PRO
    Gerard Puxhe - Marbella & Londres


    I'd go for the anthracite one.


  • kikiamack
    I’d definitely choose the anthracite. I think the finish is nicer and a better colour. Not keen on the lacquer finish on the other one.
  • Danielle H
    I’d go Anthracite, love the colour of the other one but not the shiny finish. Raw metal to me is more of a matte finish, almost rusty!
    Oh and heads up, I had a run in with this company. They said rads were in stock online, so I booked plumber for the day they were being delivered. My dad decided to ring and confirm a time as we hadn’t heard from them. They said ‘oh they’re out of stock it will be 4-6 weeks’. They claimed they’d called to let us know but they hadn’t. I left a review on trustpilot and to give them credit they rang straight away and low and behold managed to get the rad I wanted within a week, but only if I changed my review! So just a heads up, maybe ask for it in writing they’re in stock as the website isn’t always accurate!
  • Tani H-S
    @Danielle - yes I thought that we the finish. Would have preferred something that actually looks like raw metal than the strange finish they have.

    Thanks re the heads up on delivery ! Better get it ordered ASAP then, ha ha. As long as I can get it though and know the pipe distance, I don’t actually need it for a while as it’s not been boarded yet :0)
    Was the cheapest I could find for the BTU it gave off!
  • Danielle H
    Yeah that’s why I picked them in the first place, they seemed strangely cheap compared to most others! However I can say the quality and finish it great and I’ve had no problems with mine and it certainly throws off some heat!
  • Tani H-S
    That’s really good to know, thank you. My previous rads never got that hot. I picked them for their size and look and never knew about the BTU etc, ha ha.
    This time it’s a huge room so I had to get the top end.
  • Tani H-S

    ok - so one last Q for these rads....

    The plumber came today and we have actually moved the one from the centre of the dining room wall, further over to the side. Mainly because he said we couldn't ever put a tv over it as it's too hot (almost 10,000 BTU!) (we have a tv point there should we wish to use it as a lounge in future!)

    SO.. as the wall might be a lighter colour, do you think I should go for white instead and keep the grey one on the brick wall?? Thinking it being off centre will be less obvious? Or do you not think it will matter that it's not central??

  • Tani H-S
    Mock ups - although the mirror in the middle isn’t right and the shelving is just one they had on the design app so not this style.

    Does look a bit weird with rad over the side but it’s in place now so will have to live with it.
  • Carolina

    Re colour: I'd be tempted to go anthracite for that one too. Since you don't know which colour the wall will be anyway. And you might decide to go dark if you want to make the TV less obvious. And it's a bit of a design feature too, isn't it? It's not an ugly radiator

  • Carolina

    Could you switch that one for a vertical radiator?

  • Tani H-S
    I guess so. I like symmetry generally, ha ha. Might have to put a long sideboard on the other side instead to balance it out! LOL.

    Weirdly - the first pic I posted up has a radiator image (which is not mine and I’ve no idea where that has come from!) but when you click on it, it shows my screenshot mock up! How weird is that!!
  • Carolina

    I'm on the computer and the pics look fine here. Last week there was a bit of confusion with pics on the app too.

  • Carolina

    Symmetry is boring ;-)

  • Tani H-S

    Oh yes the pic issue seems to only be on my phone! And yes, my kitchen is not symetrical so why start now, hahaha

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