Left handed with a left hinge fridge - is it OK?

26 de Octubre de 2018
For those who are left handed, do you find a left hinge fridge door uncomfortable to use? I ordered a left hinge as the right hinged door there now hits the handle of the adjacent cabinet. Just realized this door is several inches less wide though so it might have been OK with the hinge on the right. There's a left handed person using the kitchen now. In my kitchen I have the handles on the right, and being right handed I find that easier to use. Trying to see if left handed people find the handles on the right a problem as I might be able to change it.

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  • jmorawiec

    I'm left handed and had no problem with my left hinge fridge in our old house. I feel like those that are left handed are used to adjusting, because most things are made for right handed people.

    blondelle agradeció a jmorawiec
  • blondelle

    I feel lt's reversed the way things are. I'm right handed and open the right handle with my left hand which leaves my right hand free to get things in the fridge. The default handles are on the left as most people are right handed. I'm right handed and find that awkward.

  • mark_rachel

    You should go with whatever works best in your space. It should open up to your kitchen. doesn't matter if you are right or left handed.

  • blondelle
    Thanks. I will be redoing the kitchen and having it at the end of a run. Most of the time the door isn't opened past right angles. I only find it needs to be open past that is when you're pulling out drawers to clean. As the door is wider now I can't get it open enough to do that !with the hinge on the right. Are you saying the door should open towards cabinets in the run it's on? Would love to hear from left handers!
  • tackykat

    Yes, the door should open toward the kitchen rather than away. it will be obvious one way or the other.

  • Jean Kennell
    I’m a lefty and am getting a left hinge fridge and I can’t wait! I can open it from where I prep, without having to open it all the way and “go around” the door!
  • blondelle
    Tackycat, if it opens towards the kitchen that means you have to walk around it to get to the kitchen.
  • tackykat

    I really can't picture it, but don't worry about me!

  • blondelle

    If the handles on the left are meant to be more comfortable for right handed people, it must follow that the handles on the right are more for left handed people. Makes sense no? Me, I think it should be the opposite!

  • Fori

    Lefties figure this stuff out before they even know they are figuring things out. Don't worry about the lefty.

    (Remember how popular side-by-side fridges were? All right-hinged and mostly used by righties.)

  • Jakvis

    Most refrigerators without ice and water in the door have reversable hinges. You might just want to check your current refrigerator for this instead of replacing it

  • PRO
    John Kappler

    I am trying to build a left handed-ness Ideabook. Sadly, the pics to add to them are few and far between.

  • Fori

    I've mounted kitchen faucets with the handle on the left. If the handle is attached to the faucet you need to be sure the faucet spout has a full swivel or it won't work...

    Not sure that goes in the left-handed book though since it was done to make things easier for righties. :P

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