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Jason K
6 de Octubre de 2018

Hi everyone. My darling wife and I are building our forever home and are constantly overwhelmed. She wants a double storey because she likes french provincial, but a ranch shaped home would utilise our land better. We own half an acre on a rising slope, with mountain views around so ideally a style that takes in the views.

Is there such thing as 1 storey french provincial ranch (long) house?

Sometimes we think we should just pitch a tent and call it a day.

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  • PRO
    Compass Kitchens

    Is there such thing as 1 storey french provincial ranch (long) house? Yes...

  • dreamer
    Wow what a wonderful husband you are, I love the look you are going for. Yes you can have your compromise, if you have the budget.
    Jason K agradeció a dreamer
  • oklouise

    you would still need to decide the best place for the tent and then decide which tent!! ...start with the block of land, climate and orientation and aim to have all the major rooms facing north and the best views...check out yourhome.gov to better understand passive solar design... with half an acre you have the luxury of extra space which can sometimes be more challenging than a restricted site and the slope adds to the challenge...what's the length and width of your block, where is north, what direction does the land slope, what is the angle of the slope (check the survey plans) where are the best views, are there any special covenants or bushfire restrictions... You can always hire a professional to design your home but it will be extra helpful to narrow down your priorities by collecting ideas first..how many people will live in the house, how many bedrooms, baths, garages, do you want or need a study, pantry, what sort of outdoor areas, do you need space for overnight guests or special hobbies or adult children or would you prefer to downsize to a better quality smaller home with multi purpose spaces....the look of the house is really the last phase of the process as many floor plans can be modified to suit your preferred style...do you have any major home builders in your area? many companies can modify their plans to suit your site and you could post some basic details and invite specific suggestions

    Jason K agradeció a oklouise
  • genkii
    Great advice from OkLouise.
    Also check out the podcasts from the Undercover Architect. Start from season one. Her advice is invaluable.
    And hire a design professional, either an architect or a building designer. But the more knowledge you arm yourself with, the better.
    Best of luck with your new home.
  • PRO
    MB Design & Drafting

    Hire a building designer, architect or good draftsman. Write down a brief for them. You will have many decisions to make and one of them isn't the floor plan design, thats the designers job to come up with a suitable plan. You can have input along the way but follow their lead.

    If you presume the whole process maybe overwhelming with decisions and second guessing hire just the architect as this is their profession. The architect will design, get approvals and tenders as well project manage the construction from start to finish. To use them for plans only is underutilising there skill set.

  • siriuskey

    I would check out any major home builders in your area to help keep costs down, they will be able to give you a French Hamptons country style house as it'scurrently a very popular style of home.

  • PRO
    The Wild Heart Collective Australia

    I agree with Siri.... and some will have heard me say this before.... we'll be building with GJ Gardner and they have been super accommodating, fantastic and more than happy to make numerous plan changes for us - so that our plan is/will (lol!) more likely resemble a customised design for our personal situation. I can not recommend them more highly .... they have been absolutely brilliant! Although I hear you when you say, "sometimes we think we should just pitch a tent and call it a day..." - we have said that many times too .... or, "let's sell the block and buy acreage somewhere and just live in a shed with a huge undercover outdoor area lol".... it sure would be a lot easier, more cost effective and a far more relaxing process than going through a full house build lol. Whatever you decide Jason - a home is what you make it .... do what makes you both happy :) And if you don't have any major home builders in your area, try to find some floor plans online that you like or work out a 'brief' of what you both want in a layout and then take that to a designer and let them resolve it for you. It can be done.... chase the dream :)

  • PRO
    The Wild Heart Collective Australia

    And Jase.... you should know... that awesomelouise and Siriuskey are very very very generous with their time and talent too.... I wouldn't know half of what I've learnt without them.... they are incredibly giving with Houzzers .... they both offer very intelligent and well thought through house plans when time permits ... they are remarkable ladies xxx It's their fault really that I keep upping the ante with GJ to lift their game and sort this plan out LOL!!!!! ;) Definitely not my fault, nope, not-mine-at-all hehe.

  • PRO
    Paul Di Stefano Design

    Jason.....3 factors: 1. your requirements/goals/"brief" 2. Budget 3. Site/context........these 3 things will define the project outcome/direction one way or the other...and that outcome/direction will depend upon how these factors are negotiated, balanced and managed..........I could go on for days about all this stuff, but as start, perhaps think about developing a home from the inside out, rather than the outside in, because if you do that it generally will reflect/respond to and be better suited to and derived from you, your needs and the lifestyle you seek. You already have some reference points (land, certain styles that appeal etc)...perhaps best you reach out/speak with some design professionals about your potential home and begin to hone in on your priorities and what aligns with your goals.........

    Be aware that you will be predominantly EXPERIENCING your home, rather than sitting outside with a cup of tea admiring it like they do in the Colorbond TV ads......so what it looks like, really should come from what it is internally....form follows function.....also arguably some of the beautiful European architecture is not necessarily that well suited to the Australian climate & environment......a house that deeply connects to the site/context, functions & performs to a certain level and "feels" great and appropriately balanced will provide an immeasurably greater living experience on many levels, as opposed to one that may look pretty in a brochure or on instagram, but in reality is disconnected to context, arbitrarily sited and configured or misaligned in various ways the homeowner's various particular & practical needs........

    Fantastic & exciting opportunity.....

    Hope this provides some preliminary food for thought....feel free to reach out if you'd like some further direction/guidance

    Good luck! Cheers PD :)


  • siriuskey

    Well said Paul, design from the inside out and not the other way around and build to suit our Australian Climate

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    My Style Interiors Brisbane

    www.abbottbuild.com.au offer a huge range of facade and floor plan design styles to suite any budget. You should give them a call. www.abbottbuild.com.au or 1300 881 689

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    Anita Jean Design

    You are not creating a ranch style - french provincial house, you are creating YOUR HOME! You and your wife should independently compile a list of wants needs and images you love. A capable designer or architect should be able to design your dream home from this brief and bring the styles together harmoniously.

  • PRO
    My Style Interiors Brisbane

    Incorporate the french provincial roof line and details to the external as well as colouring whilst utilizing the ranch long house configuration. Make it your own and own it.

    Nothing good comes easy and nothing easy looks good X

    French below design facade - Get the facade design idea concept, then just make the size happen as you would an ranch homes configuration on the block. Lots of shape needed and condensing of windows and height contrasts.

    I would be seeking in architect who specialises in french provincial, hampton or colonial style builds to give you the added flair. Not to mention an draftsman cant do scope for this nor can he understand build costs.

    Jason K agradeció a My Style Interiors Brisbane
  • Jason K

    Thank you all so kindly for your brilliant advice! We are definitely closer to 'the one' now. Exciting times ahead. You have all given us a lot to think about

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