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30 de Junio de 2018
Hi! We have a small house with one reception room that serves as living room, dining room and play room. We’ve moved here recently and we want to redecorate. We’ll keep the laminate flooring as it’s expensive and new. It still has to serve as a room for three purposes but otherwise we’re open to suggestions on design/decoration. We like bohemian, Scandinavian, eclectic with modern touches. Mainly want a light but warm and inviting space family space.

I was thinking maybe we can buy a corner bench for the dining table. Change the wall colours (we definitely want this as they were painted light pink by previous owners, and we’re not pink people). Change the lamp shades. Add a rug around the sofa? Add a mirror above the piano? What else?
What colours and design would you go for?

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  • A
    Can you see my photos? I can see them on the app on my mobile but not on the website.
  • E D

    I can't (on website).

    Can't check my app atm.

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  • A

    Thanks. I cannot edit my post on the website. For some reason it says page not found when I click edit. So I added the photos here.

  • E D

    Can see them now, but for some reason can only zoom the floorpan.

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  • E D

    My first reaction: keep the piano.

    And the kids. :-)

  • E D

    But seriously, you'll receive some great advice here. :)

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  • A
    Haha yes we’re planning to keep the kids (maybe not always in the living room) until they’re at least 18 :) And the piano because my son actually plays it and there’s no other room to put it in.
  • Jen P
    I love the greens in your idea book is this what you’re thinking? I’d zone the space a bit more too. Keep the dining table where it is. Have your living area between the fire place and patio doors. Then you can tuck the play area away behind it so the clutter is less obvious
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  • minipie

    The sofa and armchair facing the fireplace and tv seems to narrow the room, also means the TV watching area is a corridor. I agree with Jen P's idea of dividing the room in two zones, you could either have play area by the window and sofa/tv area by the doors or vice versa.

    Sofa area by the window probably works better IMO as then you tuck sofa under the window, TV goes in piano space (with either the piano or some toy storage below it) so your seating faces both the the fireplace and the tv. The armchairs can act as a kind of divider just to the right of the fireplace. Then the rest of toy storage and/or piano goes near the doors. I would also turn the table 90 degrees so you don't bump into it as you walk in the door.

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  • Carolina


    I would go for a corner sofa and place that under the window and along the back wall. TV next to the fireplace. One comfy chair facing the back wall.

    Storage flanking the radiator, with a dining bench and dining table in front of the radiator.

    Piano on the right wall as you walk into the room.

    I would also add a rug (didn't put one in) and some smaller tables or a coffee table.

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  • A
    Thanks a lot all. Caroline I love your renderings, thanks so much for your time. But unfortunately our kids (mainly the older one) doesn’t play alone on his room so we need the toys in the living area :/
    I’ve thought about some of the other combinations before but there are some problems: piano cannot go next to the radiator, and TV cannot go on top of piano cause then it is too high. The wall next to window has a stupid shape but we may still be able to move the piano between window and patio door, and take the toys next to fireplace. I didn’t want to put TV on top of toys initially because of the risk of damage by our careless kids and their potentially careless friends.
    It’d have been much easier without the kids but hey ho, we said we’ll keep them :P
  • A
    Oops sorry for misspelling your name Carolina.
  • Carolina

    Haha, that's okay. What's in a name ;-)

    I was thinking that you could keep the toys in the storage around the bench, and if you get a dining bench with storage under it, you can keep toys there too. The kids probably don't play with everything they have at the same time all the time?

    You could do the same with a TV console next to the fireplace. Storage under it. Perhaps something like this? I think they've used Ikea units.

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  • Carolina

    Just throwing ideas at you; perhaps you can have a carpenter make a bench with storage crates under it that goes through the corner like this:

  • PRO
    Design Spec Ltd

    Hi there,

    The interior colours and furniture could really ignite this space! We work with some amazing interior designers who may be able to assist with this?

    Let me know if we can help at all!

    Design Spec Ltd.

  • Usuario de Houzz-485111079

    Coastal and nautical touches abound in this family room beginning with the seashell-print pillows. Coastal artwork over the fireplace flanks shelving that is filled to the brim with shell frames and boxes.

    Website - https://bit.ly/2JEEJYP

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