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Katie Mary
hace 2 años
hello! I am new to forums in general but was hoping for any and all suggestions to my only yard: a side yard. I have a tiny home (528sqft) with a large detached garage. Neighbors said original owners (1940s home) had a wire fence surrounding the property with lilac bushes in front of it. I no longer have a fence as a flipper (owner before me) thought the fence was useless (he didn't have dogs) and tore it down-which neighbors were confused about because once he did that he broke the grandfathered-in fence. Sorry for the run on sentence there. I went to the village to see if there was a possibility for a fence since its my only yard area and they would allow it but it would have to be not wire (aesthetically pleasing) and farther into the property away from the road which I don't want to give up all that space but I'd be open to suggestions for plants that may act as a barrier- I have an elderly neighbor who literally walks into people's yards for his dog to go to the bathroom. this is my first home (22 years old) and I just want suggestions to make it look pretty but also a little more private for me! Thank you for any and all suggestions! (also dumpster in yard was from getting new roof) lol

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  • Katie Mary
    more references
  • Katie Mary
    these are the original photos from the listing (before new roof)
  • PRO
    Dig Doug's Designs

    What shrubs you might use for a hedge depends on where you live. Some good evergreen hedging plants are yew, boxwood, Japanese holly, Dwarf Burford Holly, Manhattan Euonymous, Boxwood, Japanese Ligustrum, Osmanthus, Pittosporum, Hebe...

    If you want to use a decorative fence, here are some ideas:

  • Katie Mary
    Doug I live in Illinois- what shrub would be the best? (: Thank you so much for commenting I enjoy all of your work on other people's posts.
  • Christopher C Nc

    Because you are on a corner lot that is going to restrict what you can do so as not to block the view of traffic from the side street. A short picket fence set back from the road edge a bit won't visually at least make you feel like you are giving up space. By picket fence I mean height, three feet, more than style. Style possibilities for a fence are numerous. A planting of short shrubs and perennial flowers could go outside the fence.

    Is that a parking space on the right side of the house or is the road that close to the house? If it is a parking space it might be worth thinking about giving it up and moving it for more garden space.

    Some strategically planted small trees on the left by the deck could be used to create a bit more privacy. Walling the place off with tall shrubs would not be very appealing.

  • Katie Mary
    That is a full driveway on the right side of house! and then parking pad in front of garage! Thank you for the great ideas!!!
  • Christopher C Nc

    A full driveway is a bit harder to give up. It leads to a rear entrance? That would change a fence layout, but it would be nice if the right side of the house could be pulled into your larger plan visually at least.

  • Katie Mary
    So there is a side door with that driveway and trash area with my mailbox across from it so it may be hard to get rid of that driveway as it is kind of convenient in the summer and winter for quick grocery unloading!
  • PRO
    Twelve Gardens Ltd.

    Hi Katie,

    It might be helpful to jot down a list of all the ways you would like to use the garden. For example, these might include : a lovely view from within the house looking out, and also looking good from the street (curb appeal); BBQing; entertaining a group of 4-8 on the deck; having a place for the dogs / kids to run around; a vegetable garden; feeling more of a barrier between the street and the house; more convenient paths from street to house, and house to garage; etc.

    About the fence : I wonder if you might go ahead and place a new fence about 3 feet back from the property line. A simple old-school picket fence (perhaps painted) https://shop.fenceauthority.com/6-high-x-3-wide-privacy-1x4-white-cedar-gate-192 with a perennials planting in front and some shrubs behind. (When choosing plants for the area by the roadside, make sure they tolerate the salt municipalities often use in winter to manage ice & snow). Replanting lilacs could be a good idea, depending upon location -- you might ask the neighbors if the lilacs were in good health and where exactly they'd been located. They bloom briefly but that period is amazing (color and scent).

    Also, a planting around the perimeter of the deck would be a good idea. This could be done as rectangular containers, rather than in-ground planting, if you wished to grow edibles (there are some vegetables that don't require full sun, do you have a lot of shade?).

    You might want to aerate the lawn.

    If you were to place a bench over a bed of gravel or over a flagstone paved area (say 7ft wide x 4-5ft deep) against the garage as it faces the house, with plantings on either side, you'd have a feeling of being invited into the garden when you looked out the window toward the garage, and a visual focal point when looking at the deck.

    (Also : I'd recommend getting the tree checked out by an arborist if it hasn't been given its proximity to the house and its size and shape.)

  • Katie Mary
    We had an arborist come and look at the tree and it's in good health and just got trimmed. ($800) I think I would rather it just be gone to be honest because it's kind of scary being so close even though the arborist said there's no risk of falling. I was quoted at 2500 for removal so I went with the trimming at the time.
    I think removing would give me more space but no shade but it is a huge maple tree. lol
  • PRO
    Twelve Gardens Ltd.

    Great ! I'm glad the tree has a clean bill of health. That being the case, it's a major feature of the garden and if a carpenter who has respect for trees' health, and would agree not to nail into the tree, could develop a low-level treehouse for you, that might be a pretty cool, magical element in your garden. . . .

  • Katie Mary
    Omg I never even thought about that. how awesome would that be!!! Thank you for the awesome idea!!
  • PRO
    Twelve Gardens Ltd.

    It could be pretty cool...!

  • Karen

    I love the picket fence that Dig Doug did (ha). Just want to say "Cute house!"

  • Katie Mary
    thank you so much!!!
  • NHBabs z4b-5a NH

    Congratulations on your new house! It's cute, and having that large tree for shade is a real bonus. I agree with Christopher's comments about using small trees (or large shrubs limbed up to tree form) to provide privacy in particular spots such as the deck area rather than a tall wall of green along the road. A lower hedge or fence will help create a personal space to keep the neighbor's dog out. Plants close to where you want particular privacy work as well as those farther away and may make for a more attractive yard.

    In areas with snow that needs to be plowed (along with road salt considerations) you will want any shrubs or fence along the road set back far enough so as to not be damaged by heavy snow curling off a plow blade. So I would talk to the neighbors and find out if plowing ever happens on your road. (Doug obviously lives in a warm zone.) :>) In my area I can't plant closer than about 6' to the road, but I imagine that you get somewhat less.

    It is possible to plant salt-tolerant perennials, which will be underground when any plowing happens, in the area outside the fence. I also notice that the current flower beds by the house are really skinny. I would make them at least 5' deep (mine are mostly deeper than that) and I would get rid of all the rocks which are a hassle to mow and weed around. Advertise the rocks for free on Craigslist and you won't have to figure out how to move them. Edge the beds with a clean cut or a mowing strip of bricks combined with a buried metal or plastic edge to keep out grass. Or remove the bed all together and have grass up to the house except for the right side with the high window where a flowering shrub would be nice.

    I like 12 Gardens suggestion for framing the deck with either taller in-ground plantings or containers since I would worry about someone stepping off the edge who wasn't paying attention. And the suggestion to make the garage a garden focal point is excellent! As s/he suggested, before making a plan, figure out what you want to do with your yard and where best to put things to suit both the activities (veggies in shade doesn't work) and the space. Don't forget to consider winter appeal both from inside the house and outside.

  • Katie Mary
    Thank you so much for that comment!!! I so appreciate all of these suggestions and I now can't wait for spring to put all of these ideas into action!!! (:
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