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Frances Hochschild
hace 2 años
My daughter and I love to bake and since we live with my elderly mother who wouldn't do well with the chaos of an extensive remodel I'm hoping in the interim I can create a special corner for baking. We live in an old house and have an area of the kitchen that isn't really being used to its full advantage and shows where a previous window was covered up when our neighbors remodeled. One day we would like to put in wood flooring so want to keep that in mind when picking colors and finishes. Some of the things I was thinking
- open shelving and glass containers for the staples like flour and sugar
- somewhere for cookbooks
- a flat counter for workspace (suggestions for new counter materials / colors welcome)
- a tiled backsplash (to replace the existing 4")
- refacing / painting / new hardware for the cabinets

The photos are of the area as it is currently along with some inspiration photos.

I would describe my style as transitional, but leaning more on the traditional side than contemporary.

I would love any thoughts and suggestions. Thank you.

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  • Frances Hochschild
    I can send photos of the rest of the kitchen if needed.
  • acm

    well, it would help to know whether there is another sink -- i.e., this is an independent corner of the kitchen rather than an integral part of it...

  • Frances Hochschild
    This is an extra small sink. Think it may have once been considered a bar sink - house is from the late 1800's
  • Isabella Hochschild
    I have a similar dilemma in my home and would like to hear what everyone suggests!
  • PRO

    Counter top needs to be lower for rolling out and kneading dough. Surface should be marble.

  • chloebud

    This is a pic of a kitchen baking section I kept on file. Says the counters are Arabescata Veneto Marble.

  • ninigret

    this is my baking nook. i have a deep deep drawer so that cookie sheets and muffin tins can be stored standing on edge. i'm short and still dont have a real problem kneading or rolling dough, so i wouldnt bother to limit under counter space by having a lower counter.

    my counter top is LG rococo quartz

  • Frances Hochschild
    For those of you using jars for storing flour, sugar, etc - does it work well when you're actually backing or just look good? Seems like it might be hard to scoop out the flour when it gets low? Thanks
  • Geneviève

    If the jar has a wide mouth a scoop can easily be used for flour or sugar ,I don't have a baking nook, I wish I did though:)

    You could use a plug for your mixer and paint the cabinet or remove the doors and have open shelves ,where the window was ,add shelves to keep your flour and other baking need. A portable cart could be of use to you as well .

  • Geneviève

    Home Styles Savannah Stainless Steel Top Kitchen Cart in White · Más información

  • Geneviève

    Calypso Basics 4-Piece Acrylic Canister Set, Red · Más información

  • Geneviève

    1940's Colonial Revival - Whole Home Renovation · Más información

  • ninigret

    my main flours and sugar are in wide containers. only soy, amaranth, almond, that i use just a small amount, are kept in their bags. and yes the large ones are hard to find. i've had good luck at homegoods. i have some square ones now as well for the pastry flours (white and wheat). definitely having flour creep!

    odds are if it looks 'cute' it doesnt work. it needs to look 'big'.

    i'd abandon the sink if you are having a redo. cap the plumbing, new countertop. you dont need water right there as much as counter space right there. and more storage below.

    or go hog wild and have an oven installed. mine has a bread rise setting. i have another oven over in the main part of the kitchen but its great to have 2, and even better to have one right where i'm working.

  • J Williams

    I bake a lot but I don't have a baking "area" I guess my whole kitchen IS the baking area, probably because it's about 2x the size of your "nook". I keep flour in the pantry because it's heavy. I also keep cookie tins and cookie cutters in the pantry. I have a concrete counter with open shelves below it with bowls so I don't necessarily have to reach into a cupboard with messy hands (this where the cast iron lives as well). I have an open spice rack over this counter my hubby made out of wood, it's very narrow (the vanilla and baking powder is also there). I don't have a stand mixer, I mix everything by hand or with a hand mixer. I have a big crock pot I put utensils in like spatulas and spoons. I have an (upright) baking tin and sheets cupboard by my sink because that was the narrowest spot in my kitchen. I have cookbooks under my counter on the reverse side and I keep odd appliances (like a cookie press and waffle irons) and tupperware on the other side as well. I am currently keeping most of my pyrex type dishes in a drawer with tea towels for lack of any other place for them to go. I have a kitchen scale I keep in another cupboard with the booze and the pie plates and the rolling pin and box grater are in a pot drawer with the moulinex thingy. I guess you've got to decide what you make most and go from there.

  • apple_pie_order

    I would use wide mouthed acrylic containers like Genevieve shows because they are lighter weight and less slippery than glass. Oxo and Click Clack make good ones. If you stand in front of the counter, reach up with one hand but don't stretch. That's as high as your shelves should go for you to use the things on them regularly.

  • Frances Hochschild
    Thank you for your comments so far!
  • Frances Hochschild
    If we were to have open shelves, would you have a backsplash? And if so, how high. Thinking it's a good idea to make sure flying dough doesn't hit the wall!
  • J Williams

    You could have open boxes with backs if you are worried about that.

  • kcccrn *
    Marble counter or at least a marble area for dough. Perhaps a deep drawer(s) for supplies and/or spatulas, etc. An appliance garage and/or pullout shelf for mixer. I'd vote for the garage personally. I'll second the extra plug ins. Think of what tools and or items you use most frequently, as well as what types of baking you like to do, and think of how you could best store those things.
  • Frances Hochschild
    Great ideas so far, thanks!
  • jakstamp
    I would either add shelves to the old window nook and use that space to store cute looking baking items like sprinkles or other smaller ingredients that you could out in matching jars. Alternatively you could place hooks on the back of the area and hang measuring spoons and other baking utensils on them. Would free up drawer space for bigger items.
  • Isabella Hochschild
    The awkward window area is getting filled in tomorrow! What kind of shelves would you suggest?
  • Isabella Hochschild
    The drywall is in, just waiting to paint. What kind of floating shelves would look best on this wall?
  • Isabella Hochschild
    My G.C. drew this up of it helps! Thank you
  • Isabella Hochschild
    Thank you to everyone who has helped so far. What kind of shelves would be best?
  • rachelsmdai

    Why not get shelved like the metal ones in your 2nd inspiration pic? They look sleek and are washable.

  • Isabella Hochschild

    Good idea, @rachelsmdai.

    How many floating shelves do you think would work? Should they span the entire wall? Maybe they should be wood like the cabinets (although those will be painted, G.C. is adding trim and still need to decide on that - can be a design dilemma for later on...) or match the faucet or perhaps the hardwood floors we are contemplating installing...

  • Isabella Hochschild
    Given that this was originally intended to be a bar area, I was wondering what a ballpark cost would be to add in a beverage refrigerator (there's already an outlet that I discovered in the middle cabinet).
  • PRO
    McGovern Woodcraft & Design
    Just finished final paint on baking station in a kitchen remodel.
  • Isabella Hochschild
    Updating you all on the progress...

    What we have left to do is just changing out the counter and adding a tiled backsplash when the rest of the kitchen is finished (and the flooring is installed)
  • Isabella Hochschild
    For some reason the shelves look dwarfed in the space in that pic, but in real life the size isn't an issue :)
  • PRO
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