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My daughter's closet is horribly impractical, it's a reach in with only one door, which is standard size and leaves about a foot of "corner" closet space on either side of the door, which I absolutely detest. I hate closet corners in reach ins, but at least in my last house I had wider doors - right now it feels like she barely has 3 feet of closet. It is so frustrating to me, I just get annoyed every time I'm in there and I can't thInk rationally about how to use the space. I told my husband I wanted to cut the opening wider and he just laughed.

Part of my frustration is that it also isn't very deep, so drawers on any of the three walls are going to obstruct the other walls. I am a huge drawer person, I like a lot of drawers to sort laundry directly into vs. expecting my 10 year old to fold her underwear. I think I might be stuck doing shelves with bins.

i can't even find any pictures of a closet like hers with any kind of built in organizer, let alone something on a budget. All the pictures I have found of bedroom closets with one door are either deeper or wider than ours, so nothing I have seen so far will work very well. But I will admit, I get frustrated every time I look so I give up quickly. I thought I could wait until after the master closet to do my daughter's but I think if I walk by her room with freshly washed clothes strewn all over the floor many more times I may have a stroke.

It's possible the disorganization of our closets and laundry room is pushing my buttons in ways that make me overreact to the normal organizational dilemmas that come with moving into a new house. And it doesn't help that I did a ton of extra laundry today from unpacking boxes of extra clothes and blankets that were in storage and I don't know what I was thinking washing everything because I don't have anyplace to put it all - we don't have a linen closet or any laundry cabinets yet, either. I'm not feeling especially rational right now!

Any suggestions on how to utilize a small closet for a girl who needs more clothing storage than I do? I mean, there are so many beautiful historic homes out there without closets, or with small closets, so I know there must be lots of great ideas out there I'm not finding!

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  • lazy_gardens
    hace 3 años

    Post a picture of the closet as it is, please.

    Off the top of my head ... Use the area on the sides of the doors for hanging shoe pockets, belts and other flat things.

    AND, put a shelf across the closet, over the door or even all the way around the closet for storing out of season stuff in boxes.

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  • talley_sue_nyc
    hace 3 años

    I wonder if there's enough room in the room itself to install a wardrobe of some kind, and rely on that more than on the closet.

    There's also the idea that you can start paring down clothes--Sure, she only has 3 feet of closet, but maybe she can get by with that. In fact, I bet you'll find that she'll regularly wear the same 3 feet worth of clothes. I know I do.

    If you can keep a small amount of free space on the hanging rod in there, so it's easy to move clothes around, then you can maybe just hang the out-of-season or seldom-worn clothes in the alcoves, instead of trying to make them serve as accessible storage.

    They're not accessible, so maybe stop trying to pretend they are. What could hang there, to take up the space (thereby keeping the regularly worn stuff from sliding into that space) and to be handy -enough- when needed, since it's so seldom? (out-of-season jackets, dress-up clothes...)

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  • AnnKH
    hace 3 años

    I don't have anything new to add - the others used up all my ideas! My thoughts reading the first post: put a dresser outside the closet, add shoe pockets or something else hanging off the back of the door, and lower the rod enough to put more shelves above.

    Did you find a place for the blankets and out of season clothes you washed? I have storage tubs under every one of the beds in our house, which helps a ton.

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  • EvaElizabeth
    Autor original
    hace 3 años

    As I am thinking I should be grateful that she doesn't necessarily have an excess of clothes, but she does have a lot of miscellaneous clothing items that don't fit well in her dresser or hang well. I could probably make space elsewear in her room but I like having everything in the closet because I find both of us are more likely to put clothes away if it's a matter of taking a basket of clean clothes into her room and sorting it directly into drawers. Otherwise I tend to live out of laundry baskets of clean clothes in the laundry room. It would be nice for her to have separate bins or drawers for leotards, swim, gloves/hats, etc. Our new house is better, don't get me wrong, but I did love having her dresser in her closet at our old house! Her dresser is low and wide so there was plenty of room for both hanging and shelves above.

    The only items we hang are dresses and a few "nicer" outfits that wrinkle more easily, but she does have dance costumes that need to hang and they are bulky. Maybe i could do shelves on the left, drawers in the middle, and rod on the right? Or double rod? It would probably be pretty short, what's the minimum amount of rod that isn't ridiculous?

    i was originally planning on using the door as hanging space for scarves, belts, jewelry (she has a lot for a 10 year old because she has awesome young aunts who give her hand me downs, and it's still a mix of "real" and dress up jewelry, but it's not unreasonable) but I have found that in doing that in my hall closet in the past I didn't love it because stuff was always falling off or swinging when the door opens and closes. Has anyone found good door/hanging organizers they like? Maybe mounting bins or baskets?

    i was also thinking there might be a way to use the dead space in one of the closet corners for a laundry basket, but would it be too hard to get in and out?

    Hmorton, were your shelves L shaped? That's something I've been considering. I also like the floor clear, unless it is something easy to vacuum around.

    It's also possible I'm going about the room backwards. Talkey_sue, I've been working on putting together ideas for a built-in because her dream bedroom is a daybed surrounded by bookshelves under the window. I was planning to incorporate drawers under the bed, but I was thinking they'd be more for blankets, pj's, and stuffed animals. She also has a million "collections," and I thought rather than fight her on them i would try and incorporate closed storage somewhere for her to keep some of her clutter. Maybe I should think about ways of including clothing storage as part of that.

    When I get home I'll take a picture and measure it. I can feel the brain block finally starting to unblock, so I appreciate the suggestions!

  • EvaElizabeth
    Autor original
    hace 3 años

    AnnKH, I ended up unpacking enough other stuff to move them into plastic bins, but for now they have to stack in the corner of my bedroom ;) I have a few uniform bins in the garage that are shallow enough to fit under beds but it will require some reorganizing to empty them. I definitely need to make use of under bed space!

  • hcbm
    hace 3 años

    elizabetheva I don't have that closet anymore after a recent move, but the shelf went as far forward as the door frame allowed, so flat. The closet was in an old 1916 NYC apartment building, so very shallow, tall and skinny. Because the rod was lower the shelf was at eye height and allowed me to take things out of the clear drawers easily. Since your daughter doesn't really need daily reach of her hanging clothes, I would consider putting shelves from the bottom up and place plastic drawer units that fit the space so that she can store all those non-hanging items. I like the Container Store's because they are clear and come in a variety of sizes that stack and go side by side. They are a little pricey.

    I just added adjustable shelves in one closet in my new apartment and placed one rod all the way up by the ceiling to store out of season clothes. This is not my bedroom closet. The shelves take up every inch of horizontal space. No wasted empty space between the door and the end of the shelf . And no wasted head space, I placed the shelves close together so that there is little space between stuff and the bottom of the next shelf.

    By the way I love the idea of bed drawers, just a thought I would consider making sure the drawers are recessed a bit so you have toe kick space. I can't tell you how often I have stubbed my toe because of a lack of a toe kick.

  • PRO
    Closet Envy Designs LLC
    hace 3 años

    Hi Elizabeth. I want to make sure I have a better understanding of your daughter's space. You say it's deep. How deep? And you also mention it feels like it's 3' but also mention there's about 12" of wall on either side - which really isn't excessive. If that's the case the door would only be 12 inches wide ( 3' minus 1' to the left - 1 foot to the right leaves 1 ' for the door. In order to make recommendations it would be helpful to have a few measurements. How deep is the space, how wide, how tall is the ceiling height, and how wide is the door, and what type of door - swinging, by-pass or bifold. It really does matter if you are trying to add any moving parts auch as drawers or baskets ; as clearance because an issue. Any chance you could share a picture?

  • Beth
    hace 3 años

    I'd re-talk to your DH. I think enlarging the door to make the entire closet accessible sounds like a really reasonable approach, even if you don't do it right away.

    I really believe that accessible and sufficient storage space is the essential ingredient in keeping space organized. Yes, one has to reduce clutter, but without sufficient storage space there's no way to keep the 'gotta haves' neat and orderly.

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