Keep the tile or change to hardwood floors?

Island Girl
hace 6 años

We purchased a home and will be remodeling the main level to include replacing all appliances with panels and removing the table connected to island. Should I keep the tile floors or change to hardwood? The adjoining family room has carpet and would probably change to hardwood if we opted to replace the tiles.

Keep Tile
Change to hardwood floors

Comentarios (9)

  • Bev
    hace 6 años

    I voted keep the tile! It's a beautiful neutral color.

    Island Girl agradeció a Bev
  • PRO
    Mountain MT Homes LLC
    hace 6 años

    I would change to hardwood flooring. Your floor looks good now but if going with wood flooring without, it is a better pick, as a little warmer to feet and would flow with your rooms that connect to it.

    Island Girl agradeció a Mountain MT Homes LLC
  • templeofm
    hace 6 años

    I say keep the tile. It's beautiful and also my last two homes have had hardwood in the kitchen and it is a pain to keep clean, and it gets marked up easily.

  • PRO
    SoCal Contractor
    hace 6 años

    Hardwood throughout is a nice look. The tile in the kitchen looks to be in good condition, so its really a personal decision whether or not you would like to keep it. It doesn't look bad at all. However, I would definitely recommend changing the carpet to hardwood.

  • rollinggirl
    hace 6 años

    Ditto what @ SoCal said.

  • smileyface2013
    hace 6 años

    I voted change to hardwood because of the carpeted living room, not because there is anything wrong with the tile.

  • Mandee Trom
    hace 6 años
    The tile is nice but hardwood throughout is nicer, if the budget allows for it. If you like the carpet in the living room, then keep the tile. Or you could put hardwood in the living room and keep tile in the kitchen. In the colder seasons, tile is cold on your bare feet though. Hardwood isn't nearly as bad.
  • Lori
    hace 5 años

    It all depends on how much use your kitchen gets. We have two houses. Both have open kitchen/living areas. One has hardwoods in both. One had tile in kitchen and hardwood in living area. I cook a lot at both places. The hardwoods in the kitchen show a lot of wear and tear. The tile in the kitchen never showed wear and tear. We recently renovated the house with the tile kitchen and even though I knew it would look better to have hardwood throughout, I knew I would be stressed out a year later by the wear and tear in the kitchen so I opted for stone in the kitchen. Every time I see my other house or a friend's house with hardwood in the kitchen, I know I made the right choice. Now I also have friends with hardwood in the kitchens who cook once in a blue moon (and have no kids or dogs). Their kitchen hardwoods still look great several years later.

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