POLL: Off-centre fireplace - keep it or move it?

Tom Flanagan
9 de Febrero de 2016
última modificación:24 de Agosto de 2017

Symmetry is a critical design component for any of us, but arguably that's as much due to societal conditioning as it is to our own preferences. But I'm interested to find out - does something like an off-centre really bother you that much? Vote below and comment with your thoughts!

Keep it - it's fine by me!
Move it - it really gets to me!

Comentarios (23)

  • everylittlethingconsidered

    I think it only looks 'wrong' in this pic as everything else is symmetrical. Sofa, shelves, books etc. It needs better balance to the space.

  • PRO
    Elwood Interiors

    I would personally move it, but all depends on the inside of the chimney.

  • PRO
    Arq-A Interiors Limited

    We must embrace our Listed Buildings and comply with Local Authority Consents. Moving an original fireplace in a Grade II Listed home built 200 years ago is not an option. Sometimes we have to let go of our need for balance to accommodate the quirks of our's hard work, but we have no choice!

  • Kate Burt

    I'd like to see how it'd look with the shelves asymmetrical instead and the chimney breast artificially built out - but I like it as it is, too, it's an interesting quirk.

  • Amy Brook

    I would move it with how the room is styled, however it looks to be original in which case NO. I am a huge lover of preserving housing history and I think the room could be restyled to be more relaxed and less symmetrical which would fit the fireplace more.

  • PRO
    Amber Jeavons Ltd

    Hello Tom,

    I have to say that I find that symmetry in interior design can be utterly boring! It's nice to bring something a little different into the mix... It's not staged, it's curated, it's not overnight it's more evolved... For me anyway..

    In this case what I would do is create an illusion of symmetry here in the pic you have posted.. Paint the portion that is extended to match that of the alcoves and book case in this instance.. So much easier than trying to replace it. Other ways would be to play with scale... Oversized lighting or cushions... for example... That way the off centre really isn't a bother but a feature.. There are lot's of ways to consider a problem if you have a creative mind! : ))

  • Danielle Agoro
    Get rid - this would drive me insane!
  • PRO
    Hepburn Designs

    If the fireplace can be moved without much cost I would move it. The homeowner has obviously put in a lot of effort to create symmetry in the room, this would be the icing on the cake.

  • PRO
    AG Interiors

    If its not too expensive to move it I'd definitely move it .....

  • PRO
    Senso Fireplaces

    Fireplace is suppose to be in the middle of the chimney breast just looks wrong to me please move it.

  • Vanessa Gonzales
    ~ it would bother me, so i'd probably put a decal on the wall so that it'll somehow even out the off centered fireplace.

    something like this..
    credit to
  • PRO
    Newbridge Heating Centre

    I think symmetry would suit this property better.

  • PRO
    Create Perfect

    It is all about working with what you have and if you have an original feature like that then it is definitly worth keeping. The over all feel or look of the space is then all down to balancing the space and giving it the asthetic feel that you want. Any good interior designer will be able to work with that and still produce a stunning room that works to its strengths and to your personal needs. Love it!

  • PRO
    Nagle Fireplaces & Stoves

    Nice fireplace with great character. Would be a shame to loose it

  • PRO
    Harding Fireplaces

    The fireplace looks very reasonable as it is but there are a couple of designs which would fill the chimney breast better.

  • PRO
    Dulwich Fires and Stoves

    Is this a first floor room. most fireplaces on first floors are off centre and is part of the character and charm of a period not as obsessed with symmetry.

  • PRO
    Ruth Turner Interior Design Ltd

    I'd build the chimney breast out on the other side to put the fireplace into proportion. It does look a bit wrong at the moment.

  • lisa77226
    I don't think you can move it, there will be a chimney beside it for a fireplace on another floor. I had this issue in my bedroom so when building in wardrobes, I had one side made slightly wider to cover that it wasn't symmetrical. You'd never know now.
  • PRO
    Greenflame Installations Ltd

    Lovely fireplace but would be better if you moved it!

  • PRO
    Jemimah Barnett

    Could you add a faux 'log' store adjoining it, or a faux cupboard, to centre the whole thing in the space without moving the fireplace?

    If you added a shallow wall-frame to the right of the fireplace (same height, and extending to the right to create exact symmetry of the outside edge of the fireplace) you could some log slices in it to simulate a log store. Or just add a custom cupboard front to the right, so it looks like a part of the fireplace unit...

  • Beth Weir

    I'd keep it! Gives your room unique character. My solution to make it more satisfying to the eye would be to put a nice tall green plant next to it to fill out the rest of the space between the fireplace and the bookcase!

  • sarah5816

    My suggestion is to reposition your picture more to the right or to find one tall and thin to place on the right side of the chimney breast. Instead.

  • PRO
    Sheridan Reis

    I think that it does create interest in the room, a talking point of such. However, it would drive me crazy as I would feel that everything else in the room is out of balance. Your eye is immediately drawn to it and everything else in the room seems insignificant. I would struggle to make the room work as a whole.

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