anybody ever grow hydroponic strawberries from seed

hace 4 años

I want to give strawberries a shot in my grow room but I have one hard fast rule (learned the hard way) I only grow plants from seed. Any suggestions or heads up advice will be appreciated.

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  • chuckwagon009

    Yes I've grown from seed and roots. I prefer roots because a seed can take forever to start blossoming. Roots can start blossom at about 3 weeks. When going from soiled roots, wash very well with a hydrogen peroxide water to kill any root fungus and all bacteria. I had great results in an NFT system as strawberries dont like "wet feet" so just enough to keep roots moist was fine. If you do plan on "only" starting from seed, plan on your harvesting to be out about 3 months, go with an everbearing breed so u don't get them for a few weeks in abundance, and keep temps cool at first.

  • ricksindoorgarden

    How dilute a rinse of H2O2 did you use to sanitize the roots? And how long an exposure?

  • chuckwagon009

    I used 2 tsp per gallon and let soak about half hr

  • ricksindoorgarden

    What concentration to start? 3% from Wallmart or concentrate (29%?) from the hydriponics supply?

  • PRO

    Hydrogen peroxide comes at a max 3% from the shops.
    Hairdressers can get up to 30%.

    The Bible for getting seeds to germinate is a scientific paper by N C Deno.http://hdl.handle.net/10113/41278

    It is about 250 pages long. For common seeds it boils down to either 20 C or 4 C.
    Stubborn seeds can be kick-started with a weak hydrogen peroxide solution.
    Very stubborn seeds simply can't resist a solution of gibberelic acid.

  • chuckwagon009

    My concentrate is 35%, id use 1/4 cup per gal of the 3% stuff

  • ricksindoorgarden

    Thanks for the replys, I get 29% H2O2 at the Hydroponics Store so it is what I normally use. So 10 ml will give me a 0.07% solution as H2O2. I will definately try that.

    I will also print out that PDF on germination. Germinating in rockwool cubes only to have a percentage not sprout is costly as I don't re-use the un germinated cubes so I am open to the paper towel method they describe.

    Thanks for the valuable comments.

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