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Emily H
3 de Enero de 2013
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Hello Houzzers,

Here is a place where you can introduce yourself to the rest of the community on Houzz!

Let us know who you are, what brought you to Houzz and how home design fits into your world. If you like, you can include a favorite Houzz photo with your post by copying and pasting the url for the photo's Houzz page into your comment.

We'd love to hear from you!

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  • bbarick
    Hello, my name is Barbara. Pictured are my 2 favorite husband and our Colombian PasoFino gelding Angelito Caido. Husband and I are recently retired from our jobs as methods engineers for a large govt agency serving the developmentally disabled. We were colleagues in the same department for 28 years....which never failed to confound people as to how we could be together 24/7 and not have killed each other yet LOL. We have a small farm where we grow most of our own fruits/vegetables and have a few animals to care for. Don't remember how I found Houzz, but its been so helpful since during our retirement we've decided to renovate and/or redecorate the house and property now that its 22 years old and in need of some upgrades. All that is almost completed now but of course I continue to spend way too much time looking at all the eye candy Houzz has to offer! Thank you to Houzz staff and all contributors/readers/lurkers, you are all wonderfully entertaining!
  • cindyguent

    I found out about Houzz from one of my customers who knew I was moving about two years ago, and I've been hooked since. Rarely does a day go by that I don't check in on my favorite dilemmas and often post ideas or random thoughts. As others mentioned, I mostly used it initially to create idea books, but got bolder over time and even posted my own dilemma...a wonderful but crazy, busy time. Great learning and sharing tool and so many friendly people!
  • jstluise
    hello to all of you houzz guys. you are just awesome. i really enjoy to be a part of houzz community.
  • Susan Humphries Salop
    New to Houzz and spending all my free time on the site....I am currently a reader/lurker and hope to graduate to contributor soon:)
  • Barbara Bennett
    I was referred to this by a contractor remodeling a bathroom for us...this site has given me many ideas that I plan to use in the remodeling of my home. The diversity and search features onsite as well as the app are super user friendly and a wonderful resource.
  • PRO
    CR Home
    CR Home Design is the one-stop-shop for your kitchen and bath needs, from countertops, to closets, floor, & frameless shower glass!
  • PRO
    Marc-Michaels Interior Design
    Hi there,
    We are a full-service interior design firm specializing in comprehensive interior detailing and space planning. Clients who want a highly differentiated product choose Marc-Michaels for artistic and beautiful interiors. With an active private residential practice, Marc-Michaels’ design teams have direct access to a wide range of high-end design trends and ideas. This thorough understanding of the luxury buyer’s needs and desires is critical to all in-house design disciplines and projects, and is what sets Marc-Michaels apart. Our full-service firm, headquartered in Winter Park, Florida, also provides luxury tower, model home merchandising and commercial design services.
  • PRO
    DSC DesignWorks
    DSC Design Works is located in Clackamas (Portland area) Oregon. While we are well known for our cabinets we do everything from construction to remodeling! We have so many great wood pieces. Plus, we have a pretty nice team as well!
  • PRO
    Great American Farm Tables
    I found a article on farm tables and was hooked instantly on your site. Look at what we do.
  • childwoman
    Hi. Got hooked to houzz - past 3 years have spent 365 days of the year being a part of your amazing world. You continue to surprise and inspire me every single day. I happened to be the art director for Livingetc in India some years back - have ever since been stacking my ideabook! Thank you for being there...
  • PRO
    I am an interior designer/decorator working in the French Speaking part of Switzerland (and online all around the planet). I am British born and a Heinz 57 having lived in many different parts of the world. This has led me to observe and understand the various styles that are prevalent in differing regions. I work mainly with regular homeowners on a limited budget but with big aspirations. I try to achieve as much of their dream as we can and love finding creative solutions. I suppose my aim to to keep good karma with a good build so clients have a pleasant memory of the process as well the end result.My work ranges from providing a look through on architect plans and builds as a second pair of eyes and opinions to ensure the build does actually reflect the lifestyle of the customer; I also work on numerous renovations (up to my 25th bathroom in 6 years); and colour and styling consultations.Been Houzzing for at least two years... it has been great to meet some wonderful people on this site and I am always inspired by innovative thinking, the kindness and generosity of people who give their time and expertise to help guide others through their design dilemmas.
  • Kathy Davis
    Hi, I'm Kathy from Oregon. I absolutely love Houzz. I don't remember how I ended up here - probably searching on Google - and I've been here ever since. Dreaming of possibilities, sighing over all the beautiful pictures and learning from the discussions. From the tours, to the design dilemmas, to the search functions for product or Pro, Houzz is the most fabulous community ever. Thank you so much!
  • PRO
    Beasley & Henley Interior Design
    We are a nationally recognized award winning Interior Design firm specializing in Interior Design, Interior Detailing, Furniture, for a range of luxury clients.Beasley Henley Interior Design believes that the interior design of your home can change your emotions, well-being and even your life. Established in 1993, we provide luxury interior design and furnishings services to Private Clients, Luxury Builders and high end Developers.
    We serve the areas of Naples, Marco Island, Tampa, Sarasota, Winter Park, Palm Beach, Windermere. We are located in Florida and we work across the nation and internationally as well.
  • Kay Brighton
    New to houzz and absolutely in love with this website! Huge interior design fan. Feel free to add me and follow me on twitter:
  • susanb92
    Hi! I stumbled upon Houzz about 18 months ago when my husband and I were preparing our house in Arizona for sale. I am so glad I spent the time on Houzz looking at photos of the rooms we needed to spend the most energy on. We received a good offer at the first showing, sold, and are back in Colorado where we belong! Now I'm a Houzz junkie! Thanks a bunch for the great ideas, beautiful photos, and sometimes hilarious comments!
  • PRO
    Mangrove Bay Design
    I adore HOUZZ!! I have sent so many clients here and many new ones have found me. This is a wonderful tool and resource. All of you at HOUZZ making this happen, kudos to you. Fabulous job!!
  • chaddican
    Hi, I' Carrie and I'm definitely new to the site. 25 years ago I worked as a part time Interior Designer but I was more comfortable behind the desk running my mother's design company and furnitures store in the Virgin Islands. The clients I had were very happy with their outcomes but I have never had confidence in myself as a designer, always deferring to my mother's or my sister Sherrie's expertise. I did the design for the house we live in now that everyone loves but we are getting ready to totally renovate a home from the studs so there are areas I've never dealt with i.e. cabinets, countertops, etc. I am going to ask the experts on this site for their help sometimes because this home will be a BIG investment and each decision wrong could cost a lot of money; for instance putting in kitchen counter tops that don't look good with the hickory cabinets my husband wants throughout. So THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for any help you give me!
  • PRO
    I say hello from the "open to below"...
    and you can say goodbye to the ceilings too

    I'm NOT a poet, but it's what we do.
  • rikerwoman
    Just a woman who loves everything you have going on, on this website.
  • pickyvicky
    Hi everyone! I think I found Houzz through googling some decorating dilemma I had...can't remember what, but who cares? Love this site!

    I'm a graphic designer who loves sifting thru home decorating and color ideas. For a long time I just relaxed and got a different kind of inspiration by looking at all the pretty pictures, but my addiction soon turned to taking part in the social side of Houzz, too.

    What I like about this site is that not only are there professionals here, there are regular people like me, too. I think being able to search for professionals is also a big draw....just need more listed from my area.

    When I get up the gumption, I will post one of my many dilemmas and let you guys go to town!

    Love this site!
  • djell
    Hello: Just a "losing my mind" senior in the midst of downsizing (from a 5000 sq.ft., 6 BR home to a 2 BR 1700 sq.ft. independent senior living apt!) Hubby & I disagree on everything but will somehow survive. Someone a year ago, introduced me to HOUZZ. You are simply the most incredible site on the planet. Don't quite know how you are going to help me out (with decorating, arranging stuff in my small space, etc.) once we sell and relocate, or what I'm going to come to you directly seeking specific help with. But I am confident that once its over and I reach out YOU WILL BE THERE FOR US. Thanks - Ms. deejay.
  • Anda Popescu
    Thanks for your help houzz!!! I made a nice hallway in my house holiday.
  • Linda H
    I, too, discovered Houzz about a year ago as I was in the early stages of my kitchen remodel project. I've spent almost every spare minute since on the site viewing photos, following discussions and occasionally reaching out for help. Now that the kitchen is almost done, I am so happy with the results and I really feel like Houzz helped me all along the way. I can't wait to start my next project!
  • PRO
    Renovation Room
    Renovation Room was established to offer an expanded and heightened level of style, elegance and great design to our Designer Clients. Our carefully selected collection features furniture, lighting, art and decorative accessories. Renovation Room is open to the Design Trade and gives concierge service to the designer, architect and builder.

    We offer a CAD to our design clients to help achieve a full service assistance program to the designer. We will deliver fabrics as needed and tear sheets of all our items to the designer.

    We are close to Aventura, and easily accessible from both Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Renovation Room has established an unsurpassed reputation for exclusive and high quality furniture and furnishing accessories for residential, commercial or hospitality purposes.
  • PRO
    OMNIA Group Architects
    Hello all. We love Houzz! We signed up in January of this year after using houzz ourselves. Yes, it can be addicting. All of our associates go on too.

    We are The OMNIA Group Architects residing in Hatboro, PA, but delivering an exceptionally broad range of creative architectural solutions to residential and commercial clients in the greater Philadelphia region, New Jersey and in 10 states from Florida to Virginia to New York to Ohio.

    We design with the client's needs in mind. Some creative puzzle pieces in our history and our future include, flex rooms. relaxation needs, the kitchen hub as mission control, health minded construction, sustainability, outdoor living, custom residential homes, rehabilitation and reuse, and commercial architectural design.

    Have fun and be inspired!
    Twitter @OMNIAArchitects
    LinkedIN - The OMNIA Group Architects
  • PRO
    Klise Manufacturing Company
    Hello fellow Houzz members. Klise Manufacturing was drawn to Houzz by the recommendations of many architects and designers whom we work with.

    As a custom manufacturer of decorative lineal wood and metalwork, it is imperative that my company pays attention to the new ideas and changes within the design community.

    This site continues to help Klise Manufacturing keep up with design trends, lets us read about the interests and challenges of our colleagues and their customers and allows us to share images of our unique decorative custom work.

    Clearly, we have also been able to reach many more design professionals and homeowners who are now using us as a resource for their residential and/or commercial/hospitality projects.
  • PRO
    THE FRENCH BARN - Lacanche Canada
    Hello everyone!

    We have been on Houzz for a little while now, but it's never too late for an introduction! Our company The French Barn is the exclusive Lacanche distributor in Canada. We work with private clients, designers and custom-home builders to bring you the best ranges France has to offer!

    My partner Floriane and I are both from France, I was born just minutes away from the factory, so our choice to promote Lacanche and only Lacanche here in Canada was an easy one!

    All of our Lacanche ranges are hand-made in a small factory in Burgundy. Possibilities for customization are endless, with sizes ranging from 28" to 87", 25 colors to choose from as well as the option to have your very own custom color made by our enamel factory, 5 different finishes and several all-gas or dual-fuel configurations available for each model.

    You are probably thinking, "these are way out of my (or my client's) budget"... well, think again! We work directly with the Lacanche factory in France. This allows us to not only offer the best customer service possible, but also eliminate unnecessary mark-ups to offer our ranges at prices comparable to other high-end brands.

    For more info, please check our website and design your very own Lacanche online!

    And for the new Houzzers, I have to say I really enjoy Houzz and all the discussions and ideas floating around!

    A bientot !

  • duffyfive
    Building a new home (few weeks away from completion/move in) in the Philly western suburbs. Been on Houzz gathering ideas and inspiration for over a year now. Our design aesthetic is rustic modern.
    Architects: Studio Agoos Lovera
    Builder: Diamond Development
    Photo courtesy of MW Design Group (landscape)
  • PRO
    Springhouse Shop & Studio
    Hi there! I found Houzz via the NYT article that ran two years ago. What a great place to see pictures of anything home related, get ideas, and find contractors.

    We are cabinetmakers and furniture craftsman serving the Mid Atlantic US and shipping our furniture nationwide. I find this site useful to network with Architects and Interior designers. The review forum is also beneficial.

    One of our favorite pieces that we were involved with was this Walnut Murphy bed for a farmhouse addition in New Hope (collaboration with Danziger Interiors)
    Barrier Free addition to 300 year old farm house · Más información

    Thanks, Houzz!
  • lincolnlover
    Let's see I love in North Carolina, no I am not a country girl. I lived in Florida half of my life and Colorado for about 2 years. I love houzz and houses, I love downton abbey and sour patch kids!!
  • PRO
    Timberbuilt, Inc.
    We are a timber frame home designer/builder outside of Buffalo, NY. We build homes and commercial buildings throughout the United States and into Canada. Came to Houzz recently and enjoy the interest from home dreamers and owners around the world.
  • PRO
    Hello Everyone My name is Hani, and we deal in Premium Brazilian Cowhide Rugs

    Our brazilian cowhide rugs are the most excellent quality, hand picked and hand selected making these rugs unmatchable. Our cowhide rugs are known to be uniform, soft with silky smooth fur. These rugs have no stains or smell. Lastly all our cowhides are professionally tanned by people with decades of experience and who know how to take care of these cowhides.

    These cowhide are secondary production from beef and dairy industry. These cows are in no way raised to preserve cowhides are other leather products, not in Brazil. Some of these cowhides have natural imperfection, some times branding marks.

    All our exotic cowhide rugs are Hypoallergenic quality , making these rugs ideal around kids. Perfect brazilian tanning makes these cowhide rugs shiny and silky with natural colour and amazing design for an awesome rustic look. It creates one of its country charm to your interior, weather it is your office, condo, apartment, room, bedroom or even a bar. We also make sure that you receive the exact cowhide rug that you order.

    Any question regarding cowhide rugs, let me know i will be more then happy to help :D

    Also if you are interested in purchasing or even any questions, you can text or call me at 416 822 2264


  • whynottryit
    Hello fellow Houzzers. I've been lurking around here for a couple of years I think. I can't remember how I initially found the site but I've enjoyed seeing everyone's viewpoints, styles and personalities. Sometimes the drama is a bit daunting but overall there seems to be genuine desires to help others achieve their goals in the best possible manner.

    I love the combination of ideabooks, advice and products all in one easy to access spot. The variety of suggestions for any single design dilemma can be overwhelming to many posters but I think it is a wonderful way to force one to hone their design goals and winnow down or change completely the direction of the design.

    I find that I have a 50/50 agree/disagree ratio with design suggestions but I love that Houzzers are eager to offer them and almost always I find a new way of looking at the solution.

    I love color, patterns, eclectic style and fun accents. Homes are a personal space and I think they should reflect the person that lives there rather than some current design trend. However, I like that designers show us those trends so that we can pick and choose among our favorites.

    To coin a phrase from The Beatles' White Album, happiness is a warm home.
  • PRO
    Houzz is an awesome place, i see people helping and advising each other with so much passion. Respect Houzz :D
  • PRO
    Bruno Sgrillo Arquitetura
    Ola! Meu nome é Bruno Sgrillo e sou arquiteto no Brasil.
    Conheci Houzz através da Apple Store pesquisando aplicativos sobre arquitetura e decoração. Gostei tanto que abri o meu site por aqui. Recomendo muito!
  • Hélio Santos
    Olá Bruno, desejo todo o sucesso, seu trabalho é impecável, profissional focado a satisfazer e realizar os desejos de seus clientes. Parabéns pelo site. Abraços!!
  • jeffmarshall
    Hello everyone, I have found my true passion, real estate. My hair salon is in a declining neighborhood that no matter who runs it will not be able to turn things around. I have the opportunity to move to a more stable area but will need to build from a vacant lot. I'm overwhelmed to say the least. The lot is 50' x 100'. My rough plans will be 35 x35 building with the salon on the first floor with 3 more floors of 2 bedroom apartments so it makes a sound business decision. My wife and kids are going to sell our house and move into one of the apartments so as to free up all available capital to put back into the business. If anyone has any experience and can help me avoid as many mistakes as possible I would truly appreciate it.
  • bluenan
    Jeff, you will be better off to start a new dilemma with specific questions about your new venture, good luck!
  • PRO
    VizX Design Studios, LLC
    I found Houzz around the first year it started. I was playing with my new iPad and found it as an iPad app a few years ago, it had about bunch of really nice pictures of homes and projects. Boom! I was hooked.
    We are an outdoor living design & project management firm. We travel the United States designing unique outdoor living spaces, negative edge pools, built-in kitchens, etc. While 3D is our presentation tool. We design the build plans and manage the projects too.
  • myperfectadvice

    I am just an ozzi from NSW....that loves to socially interact with comedians...which is exactly what you get from houzz.!
    LOVE shopping and updating and re furnishing my house....all though it dosen't happen very often.


    i found this website while on the internet and wondering around, looking for ideas for my bedroom.
    i have posted threads and got amazing fast and great comments back that have inspired me for my WHOLE HOUSE not just my bedroom.
    keep it up....

  • zazfuzzroc
    Hello guys, never saw this post before? Well, I'm from New Jersey. :) I first discovered Houzz while on an internet journey on Lowe's site, I hope it wasn't Home Depot? Pretty sure Lowe's. lol ;) There was an ad type advert on their main page. So, I ventured over, only to discover the most amazing visuals for rooms and goodies for your home that I have ever seen. In September I was encouraged to post a dilemma. It has been an interesting say the least. I'm still not set on a decision, but there are definitely some very funny, nice and interesting people on the site. Most, far more creative than me. I know the things I like, but I'm no designer and am not the best at putting a room together......but I try. :) I've had my ups and my downs on the site.....but I'm still truckin' along! Even if I never finish my kitchen.....I'm still glad I found Houzz.....It's pretty cool indeed. Much props and respect to all the pros and photographers that bring their work to life. :) Guess that's all........................for now! LOL ;D

    PS Sorry, there is no way I could possibly pick just one photo I like. There's far too many great ones. :)
  • sunnydrew
    This is a great thread, glad I found it. A great way to learn about pro's doing things unique and interesting.
    I love houzz for the inspiration and camaraderie it offers while I am trying to figure out what to do or how to do it. I am always trying to improve my home as well as help others if I can offer some suggestions.
    I have received great advice from designers and others like myself, who just love decorating. I have often wondered if there would be a simple way to close in my 2 story foyer and add some space to my second floor. Well, tonight I have just found a company that specializes in such work. Only problem is that they are on the opposite coast of the US! Well, maybe worth a phone call consultation.
  • Shauna Cowley Filtz
    Canadians love Houzz too! Renovated a fireplace surround in 4 days when hubby was away in Arizona with my then 12 year old son. Then came a kitchen Reno on our 14 year old home. This year we painted the boys' room, main floor bath and replaced the front door. Houzz is great for ideas! Love, love, love it!
  • PRO
    J.C. Sterling Fine Furniture
    Hello, I came to Houzz looking to find a new avenue for people to be able to find my work. I have been building custom furniture as a professional for 10+ years. I have found the community at Houzz to be a very nice group of people and I look forward to sharing my ideas and work.
  • PRO
    Cutting Edge Construction & Woodworks, Inc.

    We are custom building contractors in Naples, Florida who specialize in commercial & residential remodeling, high-end woodworking, and kitchen + bath. We found Houzz through friends who are addicted to it for remodeling ideas.

    Check out one of our recently completed projects for a home in Alva, FL. This marble and wenge unit is over 10' tall, and features a 72" ethanol burning fireplace, 75" TV with 750 watt soundbar, and LED backlighting behind frosted glass.

  • PRO
    The Paint Color Pro

    2560 south ocean · Más información

    My new website!!!Hi everyone out there in "Color Land"!
    2560 south ocean · Más información

    Are you ready for some real changes on the inside and outside of your home? Its about time I introduce myself. I am what you call a "color guru" so to speak. I started in the paint business and the first day I worked in the "tint room" I looked like a ghost without a sheet! I really knew I had my hands full when I was made to match a color by "eye" and no instrumentation. In the paint world, thats called a spectrophotometer. Its kind of cheating for some people because they take a pix of a color and then voila, the machine gives you a formula to make that color. Wrong! It isnt that easy! It takes a good set of eyes and the knowledge of colorants and the good ole' color wheel. Something you cant learn in a classroom. Have questions, I am here to help.

    Have a colorful day! V

  • Paul

    Hello. I found Houzz in my search for a quality home improvement community that I can share ideas with and share a little bit of my knowledge with as someone who has quite a bit of experience in the field.

  • Devra Bywater
    This sight has been an inspiration and help for the last 2 years when I found houzz, it's made completing home projects so much more fun. I thank every designer, architect and creative guru who made this possible! Im 56 and learning new ideas all the time, I'm hooked!!
  • PRO
    Peetal New York

    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Reema and I have recently launched my new boutique tabletop brand Peetal New York. I am new blood in the metal gift and tabletop industry. Ive taken a fresh new look at offering stylish innovative designs in tableware, home decor, giftware, and custom made hotel-ware. Each hand-crafted piece is made by combining Peetal (meaning brass in Hindi) along with other metals and semi-precious stones. Each collection is inspired by personal moments from my own life. From chic sculptural lighting to tabletop products, a vibrant mix of materials are used. I have tried to bring to life contemporary style using the ancient craft of sand casting. Each product is handmade in India and skillfully fuses a mix of rich history and the passion of the artisan.

  • PRO
    The Curb Appeal Fixer

    lawn care, gardening and landscaping

    I started out in lawn care and I had a lot of requests for landscaping/design.

    I started just doing lawn care and I saw how I could really make an improvement.

    A lot of people can go and make a garden pretty, but making the garden both beautiful and

    functional is really the challenge. We are the only ones who specialize in ecological design.

    We don't do any other projects. That gives us the unique ability to be the best sustainable

    landscape company. We know all the little tricks and secrets. We have natural products that

    are proprietary to our company. As a team, we're always thinking of something new. We like

    to be on the forefront of technology, so anything that we can do to make the garden more

    exciting, more fun. We're definitely working towards that.

    My ideal client is one who likes to be adventurous. We'd like to try a lot of new things in

    the garden. We put a lot of thought into what materials are good in this space and make sure

    everything is properly designed and engineered for where it's placed. Because I enjoy nature.

    We'd really like to make people feel at home with nature. I love my job because I get to work

    with different people all the time and I get to make things beautiful and functional with the natural environment.

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