Delft chandelier dilemma - Do you like it? Is it a keeper?

1 de Septiembre de 2014
I have this blue & white delft chandelier that I like but I am unsure if I should use it in my new build home. We are building a new home and my vision (at least for now!) is a rectangular dining area open to the kitchen. The dining area will have lots of windows with white trim . My style is transitional leaning towards traditional but not too fussy. The kitchen colors are going to be white and blue. I like the chandelier but worry it is too busy. I also tihink that might be a plus as it will add color and interest to the room. What do you think?

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  • Vintage...VJ Jazzy Jazz
    It's a keeper ......oh did I say it's a keeper .....
    will add interest to any room ...and whatever you do
    Don't Spray paint it ...
    Light fittings are sometimes the forgotten element in a room ..
    Get it right
    and it adds atmosphere and style .....LOVE IT.....LOVE IT
    If people can design a room around a rug ..
    Why not a light fitting !!!
  • Maureen
    I might try to remove the hanging pieces from the top section to make it less fussy (if possible). Then just polish up the brass and change out the beige cylinders for white. houzz=
    Shingle Style Waterfront · Más información
  • lahawkins
    I would paint the brass white, get rid of hanging pieces and add small white shades.
  • Marlo
    I would most definitely keep it! It will had charm and character to your blue/white kitchen and dining area. It is a special light fixture...a conversation piece!
  • bluenan
    I love it and think it would be a perfect addition and focal point for a blue and white kitchen.
    It's definitely a keeper!
  • bungalowmo
    I agree with Maureen about maybe removing (but keeping!) the little ceramic balls.

    I have to disagree w/ NOT paint this!

    One thing to take note of....don't center the light in the "room", but instead, over the table!
    Oftentimes, the dining table is off to one side of the other a bit to walk through the room. That's how mine walk from the living room, through the dining room, then into the kitchen. You need that walkway area, but the fixture is in the center of ceiling, making it tough to center the table under the light. Just an annoyance of mine...
  • Vintage...VJ Jazzy Jazz
    I love LAMPSHADES !!!
    But on looking ..this time I am sad to say no shades ...
  • redoredone
    I would use it just as it is. Right now, brass isn't so popular, but what goes around comes around. I would have no problem using the brass with whatever other finishes you have in your kitchen/dining areas. I like it a lot!
  • bungalowmo
    @jazz....If I can say ceramic can say balls. :0)
  • Vintage...VJ Jazzy Jazz
    @maureen ..fab picture you have posted
    Look how the chandelier sets of the room
    @bungalowmo....I was so scared I delated that comment :0(
    Nothing much in our home is popular ..
    It's in our home because we love it
    Yes ..brass may well not be in vogue ..but who cares
    Still saying KEEP IT
  • Maureen
    Lucky find. I'm a very visual person, so it helps to see how items work in a room.
  • bungalowmo
    Countrylark....will your ceilings be pretty high like the pic maureen posted??

    @maureen....does anyone ever call ya "mo"? That's where mine came from! :0)
  • leelee
    If you already own it then why does it have a tag on it? Maybe it could work but not enough info.
  • leelee
    I get it, you have this "in mind" and don't already own it. It's really ornate....are you sure you want to go in that direction?
  • Vintage...VJ Jazzy Jazz
    @leelee ... sadly some people own clothes that they have in
    the wardrobe ...
    And are never worn
    with the price tag still on !!
    But yes please
    maybe a little more imfo needed
    I Still say it's a keeper
    if only in mind lol
  • leelee
    Have you been looking in my closet???
  • Vintage...VJ Jazzy Jazz
    After a night on the town ..
    It's called a bathroom in my house lol
    That is until I wake up
    and realise where I am
  • bungalowmo
    I will add that the room should be large enough to really accept this piece. It's large & makes a statement....small room & large fixture will be a little out of scale.
  • bungalowmo
    OMG...Jazz....after last Friday night...mine were in living room & trailing up to the bathroom...haha

    That's all I'm admitting on the clothing dispersion....
  • Vintage...VJ Jazzy Jazz
    Size is everything they say
    I guess we can add scale to that also ....I. Feel a visit to my Dentist coming on ...
    @bungalowmo .... first name terms please lol VINTAGE
    I'll just call you MO
  • Vintage...VJ Jazzy Jazz
    I have a couch just for the very Dispersion ...
    I might post on HOUZZ asking where it should be moved tooooooo
  • rainymorning
    Keep the delft chandelier just at it is. No polishing needed. Add a bit of brass to the room in the form of a vase or a tray or something to hang on the wall.
  • Maureen
    bunglowmo - I only get mo from three people and it has become endearing when I hear it from them, but I dont' want to encourage anyone else, as I'm not that fond of it for me. My nick name was me-too when my dad was alive, as I always wanted what my sister had!
  • countrylark
    First - thanks for all the comments! I bought the chandelier in Belgium and the tag is from then. The ceilings are going to be 9 foot. I liked the tip that I should figure out the furniture placement before hanging the chandelier. I have been debating using a corner banquette or a rectangular table for six in the center of the room. I also am just starting the house planning process and want to get lots of Houzz help as I go. More information would be helpful and I will submit more questions and more details as I go. Thanks for the advice!
  • Vintage...VJ Jazzy Jazz full of helpful and funny people .......
    As you look at your chandelier
    it will always remind you
    of your time in Belgium ..
    Thus having a story behind it ......
    Good luck with your new build
    Keep us all posted please!!!!!
  • Alison Inge
    I'd keep it, but find a way to clean up the brass a bit...

    The question is are all of your fixtures going to have the brass colour? Try to have all of the light fixtures the same metallic colour so that the room looks coherent.
  • Alison Inge
    Go French country style with yellow walls, blue china pieces, vases filled with lavender and some other pieces that remind you of Belgium...
  • PRO
    Pyramid Design Group Architects
    If you use it, try putting shades on the candles.
  • bgfuqua
    keep it as is - it's wonderful. no shades, paint, polish, removals. as is.
  • PRO
    Crimson Design & Construction
    Love the idea of using a chandelier in an unexpected place, but unless the space is very traditional I would remove the top section.
  • J Petempich
    Understanding that you got the light fixture in Belgium, you may want to check it out and see if it takes a standard 120volt light bulb for the sockets or something made for a 230volts. If it doesn't take the 120volt bulbs the sockets can be changed and rewired very inexpensively. At that time if you feel the chandelier is too long depending on your ceilings you can easily have it shortened by taking the top off. I wouldn't clean the brass because the tarnished brass may look better with your other fixtures than a polished brass depending on what you use. Other than that I really like the fixture and would use it.
  • Freda
    KEEP IT!! I work w chandelier restoration and this can be made very beautiful as is. As the above person noted, check it out or take it and have it rewired for USA code because otherwise it will not pass code in your new home. You can clean up the brass very easily but DO NOT USE Brasso. Get 4-O steel wool -- 0000 steel wool at Home Depot and get a dark brown paste wax from BriWax or TLC or another higher end paste wax company. If you purchase it on line it will not go to waste. It is great to use on wood furniture an any other metal that needs sprucing up.

    Using latex gloves swipe some wax onto your steel wool and wipe softly in the same direction the brass. it will get onto the porcelain but you can clean it off with Windex. If you don't want to bother, just mask it off w blue or masking tape. Don't rub one area. Try the top portion of an arm where it won't be seen on your first attempts. Remember you look up into a chandelier, not down on it. You will see the brass lighten a bit and you can basically highlight what you want by rubbing various spots. Joints etc will come out lighter and the deeper crevices will remain dark giving it a bit of sparkle. Take a soft cloth to shine and you will see that the chandelier looks distinctly more cleaned up.

    If the candle covers are plastic, replace them with either white or off white cardboard ones which can be found at grand They are a lamp supply place in NY. I have done business w them before and you don't have to be in the trade.
    If you use lamp shades, buy blunt tipped candelabra light sockets or else the shade won't sit evenly on the bulb.

    Speaking of shades you can put on barrel shaped chandelier shades and that alone will update the look w/o altering the value or the chandelier itself.

    Taking off the top is not as easy as it sounds. You would have to get a shorter center rod and disassemble the fixture to do it. Keep it on, it adds dimension. It is a part of your life and travels, keep it and enjoy la difference!!
  • bschr
    Wow, can't believe what I am reading here. Where I live vintage brass and navy blue are the colours of choice this season. I would love to have this piece.
  • dolphindancer30
    This chandelier is gorgeous and has lots of personality. You must have really loved it to haul it back from Belgium. Have the wiring checked and use it as is, please don't paint it!
  • rainymorning
    Please post photos once you hang your beautiful light.
  • susanconn1
    Beautiful chandelier. I love having decor that reminds me of a trip. Great choice!
  • momkerp
    It is wonderful! I am building a house right now infused with my husband's Dutch heritage and would love to have piece like this. It takes years to have that beautiful, antique brass patina; do not paint it!! It will be a show stopper and you've gotten some wonderful suggestions of maybe taking the little balls off the bottom of the light and also adding a few more antique brass touches around the room. I think it will be great and hope you'll post a picture once your room is complete. Tot ziens!
  • marilynellis
    Delft is beautiful, classic and never goes out of style. Very special piece.
  • PRO
    Interior Affairs -- Vickie Daeley
    Love it! keep it I would clean up the bronze parts and definitely keep it!
  • Mike Anderson
    What a great find. Don't change a thing on it. It's items like this that will give your home character. Repeat some more delft items in the room.
  • Barbara

    Have you made any decisions about the brass and delft chandelier? I also have one and am thinking about painting the brass white.

  • adivra

    That is a jewel and other than cleaning and refreshing it, I wouldn't do a thing. That chandelier is instant character.

  • rocky49

    I have one very similar to this! Bought it in Belgium at a flea market. I had no idea it was valuable. It does add character, now I'm looking to replace it because I need a new look! It will be gorgeous in a navy dining area!!! Thanks for posting!!!!!

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