Window treatments or no window treatments?

19 de Septiembre de 2015
We opened the wall between the kitchen and the dining room and we like the light that that has been added. The walls are painted Benjamin Moore Philadelphia Cream.

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  • Rawketgrl

    If you don't need them for light or privacy control then definitely no window treatments. Your moldings and woodwork are beautiful.

    ktuffy agradeció a Rawketgrl
  • PRO
    KCR Interiors LLC
    Yes your windows are beautiful, however, adding window treatments are not just for privacy and light control. Fabric adds color, pattern and softness to your rooms, and can also make a beautiful statement. I would add panels on each side of your windows and hang them with medallions. Then you will have no heavy drapery rods.
    ktuffy agradeció a KCR Interiors LLC
  • PRO
    Design Intervention

    I totally agree with rawketgrl. The windows and moldings are spectacular! (Beautiful wall color as well). Here are photos of similar windows with and without window coverings. I like the no window covering option much more. Frequently it is heavy drapery that really makes a room look dated quickly. But....if you like a bit more tradition look/warmth etc you can add some, your furniture is very neutral so you have room to add pattern and color.

    ktuffy agradeció a Design Intervention
  • ktuffy
    The dining room windows overlook my perennial garden, but the living room windows overlook the street. I was considering silhouettes and drapes for the living room, but I think it would look odd to have them in one room but not the other.
  • PRO
    Design Intervention

    Silhouette drapes won't detract from your great windows. Yes, I would do the same in both rooms for continuity.

    ktuffy agradeció a Design Intervention
  • shirlpp

    Yes, I agree with KCR Interiors - the windows need something, as beautiful as the moldings are - the windows look unfinished.

    ktuffy agradeció a shirlpp
  • PRO
    Enhancing Windows
    We installed Hunter Douglas plantation shutters in a window similar to yours. It's true that they needed privacy, but it is a very elegant look. By using a 3 1/2 inch for 4 1/2 inch louver it allows for great see through.
    ktuffy agradeció a Enhancing Windows
  • PRO
    Restoration Fabrics & Trims

    I like the shutter idea - another option: For the street side windows you could add shirred panels inside the molding about 3/4of the way up the window - would provide privacy and allow light in. You'll need a pocket at the top and bottom of the panel and 2 rods for each that fit across the window between the molding. Place one so the bottom header/footer just touches the sill and the other at where you want the top of the panel to be. If french windows, align the top with the horizontal molding under the top row of panes. Even sheers, if full enough, can provide privacy hung this way.

    ktuffy agradeció a Restoration Fabrics & Trims
  • ktuffy

    Thank you for your suggestions. I agree that the window moldings are beautiful, and I would hate to cover them with something that looks old-fashioned. However, I also think that the windows need something to look more finished. I would like to maintain continuity between the living room and dining room. It is also important not to block the light from the dining room windows. I have been looking at high mounted drapes with a
    rod for the living room and stationary Roman blinds for the
    dining room, but I don't really love the idea. I have also been
    considering Hunter Douglas silhouettes (or shutters) for the
    living room for privacy and leaving the dining room as is, but
    that would interrupt the flow between the two rooms.

  • PRO
    The Shade Store


    You have gorgeous windows with beautiful moldings that can definitely be enhanced with window treatments. I would suggest drapery panels that would complement your windows and moldings but would also continue to allow the sunshine to come through.

    I would be happy to discuss your needs further via phone or email. We have over 400 materials to choose from for our draperies and I would be happy to send you some swatches of our fabrics as well. In addition, we have a great rendering service that can provide you with an idea of what your windows would look like before you make a final decision.

    I look forward to helping you further on your project.

    Jennifer Berry


    t: 800.754.1455 | p: 310.893.1899 ext 453


  • PRO
    Ageless Design

    Rooms look beautiful because of all the daylight; however, it also looks a little cold...just need that finished look with draperies.

  • PRO
    Halcyon Shades

    We always recommend adding window treatments, as they add invaluable insulation, UV protection, and security to your home. Consider some of these options, which will add a subtle layer of protection to your windows: http://www.halcyonshades.com/st-louis/our-portfolio/gallery/

    ktuffy agradeció a Halcyon Shades
  • grapefruit1_ar

    Your windows/trim are gorgeous, as is the rest of your decor! But, I would always opt for fabric window treatments. While plantation shutters look great from the outside, would you open them in order to see outside and to get light coming in? I would never have them in my home because I want to see outside!

    I would go with grommet top panels. They can be open all day and then closed when needed. Roman shades can work, too if they are operable.

    ktuffy agradeció a grapefruit1_ar
  • PRO
    Diana Bier Interiors, LLC

    Sheer linen panels or top treatments would soften the look of the room without cutting out the light.

    ktuffy agradeció a Diana Bier Interiors, LLC
  • PRO
    Grand Valley Window Coverings

    Your windows and trim are beautiful, but lacking COLOR! I agree, panels framing the bay windows would look fantastic. I would propose something light, but private. UV light should also be a concern, given your furniture near the windows. Our suggestion would be the Hunter Douglas Nantucket or Silhouette. They will give you privacy, light control, AND UV light control...even in the open position!

    ktuffy agradeció a Grand Valley Window Coverings
  • PRO
    Halcyon Shades

    When making the decision for window treatments or no, also consider the insulation and privacy that they will add to your home--plus, there are many wonderful window treatment options that will let in that beautiful light, while stopping outsiders from peering into your home. Check out this gallery for some ideas: http://www.halcyonshades.com/st-louis/our-portfolio/gallery/

  • PRO
    Design Intervention

    Although Halcyon Shades makes a great point, we feel that in some cases (like our 2 projects below) window treatments of any kind would take away from the beauty of the windows and would completely change the elegance of the rooms and make them look "dated" immediately. Both of these homes overlook ocean and the clients did not want anything impeding the views. We thing the decision to not use window coverings was a good decision.

    Newport on the water · Más información

    From tear down to fabulous · Más información

  • PRO
    McFeely Window Fashions

    Hi ktuffy. Your space is lovely. The windows allow in light, and it helps your rooms look "happy." I would suggest in your dining room hanging four drapery panels along side each window. These would help anchor the space and add a bit or color or texture. In the living room, I wouldn't suggest panels because of the furniture placement. I would suggest roman shades, either in a woven wood or a fabric. The two rooms should coordinate with either other with similar color (unless you go with a woven wood. Designing interior spaces is so subjective. You can have 50 different ideas from 50 different people. Play with you options and you'll come across what makes you happy.

  • PRO
    Statewide Blinds Inc

    There are so many window treatment options to choose from. I suggest like the comment above Roman Shades in either a natural material or a beautiful colorful fabric.

  • PRO
    Morrone Interiors

    Window treatments would be a great addition to the space.

  • PRO
    Window Treatments by Transforming Rooms

    If window treatments (drapes) are hung OUTSIDE the windows they won't block daylight, but they'll allow the warmth, color, texture, sound absorption, and privacy options!

  • PRO
    Window Treatments by Transforming Rooms

    These rooms were right next to each other, in the living room, we used ivory linen, in the adjacent room, we did a CONTRAST vertical BORDER in the ivory linen, with the rest of the drape in camel.

    Latham Park · Más información

    Latham Park · Más información

    Notice the combination of styles....which compliment each other.

    The client was surprised at how much taller her windows felt, and how much bigger the rooms looked after we hung window treatments.

    You can see lots more BEFORE and AFTER if you click on the above photos.

  • PRO
    Window Accents

    Yes, your windows ARE beautiful. But I do think some sort of treatment is needed on the windows to help balance the room. If you study the photos you will notice that there is a lot of "weight" near the floor in the room. Adding some fabric, with either color, or just texture, on the walls will keep it in balance.

  • PRO
    Decor Team

    I agree with KCR Interiors LLC; your windows are beautiful, but window treatments also complete the design composition and soften the room. A good light option would be inside mount soft romans, even made out of sheer fabric would make a significant difference. If you don't need them operable there's an option of crating a valance that looks like a stacked-up soft roman shade.

  • PRO
    Rainbow Window Fashion

    Light and airy side panels would look beautiful between your bay windows.

  • PRO
    Statewide Blinds Inc

    Plantation Shutters would be stunning on these windows...it would enhance the beauty of all of the wood work and trim you are already blessed with!!

  • PRO
    Gailani Designs Inc.

    Hello K. Tuffy,

    Your windows are beautiful, and I love the renovation job. Having window treatments is very important, and it will add warmth to your rooms. The Pros advice on this project is all good.

    Good Luck!


  • Nicole Cirillo
    No way would I cover a gorgeous window and trim if there was a view. However, if it is on the street, then I would go with silouhette or shutters inside the window. I would keep the shutters inside the frame And I would do the room that needs covering first and then if I didn't like the lack of flow from one room to the next, then I would order the set for the other room.
  • PRO
    Gordon's Window Decor

    Gorgeous gorgeous space and windows. I completely agree that the window trim shouldn't be covered. An inside mounted Roman shade in a very classic/neutral color, perhaps accented with a trim could really POP your home.

    A trimmed Roman in red(to coordinate with your throw pillows on the sofa, would be lovely.

    Or if you want more a subtle trimmed design, like this:

    I sure do look forward to your final design! What a beautiful space you have.

  • PRO
    Stevens Creek Shutter Company

    I love that there are as many opinions as there are options, it's just like real life! Anyway (if it's not too late), one of the things I always talk with clients about when they are considering "to cover or not to cover" hasn't been mentioned. Other than privacy, light control, insulation and the decorative effect of window treatments there is another benefit. You eliminate the black hole at the windows that happens as soon as the sun goes down, and up here in Canada that is much of the time that we are home in the winter months. The glassy black reflective surface of bare windows at night does nothing to warm up your temperature or mood. I like the suggestions of Silhouettes, Shutters, or Roman Shades. Silhouettes are soft, can control light in an elegant way, and tuck up under a discrete headrail/cassette very nicely. Shutters can add an architectural element to the room, almost an extension of that great trim you have. Roman Shades would be warm, tailored, and luxurious, but keep in mind they almost always look better 2/3 of the way up, then totally drawn (as in the pictures above). Good luck with your decision, it would be great to see the after pictures to see how it all turned out for you.

  • PRO
    Window To Design

    Simple window treatments would look beautiful in your home! In addition to just the appearance, window treatments would also help with any heat/UV protection in your home. If you have furniture near your windows, it may be beneficial to add some window coverings to your windows. I would love to see some sheer drapery, or even simple Roman Shades.

  • PRO
    Niche Interiors

    Agreed that if you don't need them for functional reasons leave them open! If you do need privacy consider roman shades.

    Hillsborough Home · Más información

  • june1013
    Thinking of adding tabbed valance (hotel white w 2 narrow black stripes on bottom). ( paper example in pic) Advice?
  • PRO
    Beverly Hills Blinds & Shades

    You can add more softness & privacy into your room with new window treatment designs, if you need.

  • carol p

    I totally agree with many others in the thread who supports no window treatments for those beautiful moldings and woodwork. They are so elegant and my personal view is to stick with a no window cover option.

    Nevertheless, many windows and door company in Madison suggest that the benefits of natural light on our health and energy usage is significant. Science says that natural lighting makes people more productive, happier, calmer and healthier.

    Having said that, having the right window treatment can bring in a world of difference. Enhancing windows with the right shades of curtains, shutters would simply make them the focal point. Among few modern window treatment ideas roller shades, solar shades, and wood blinds are good options.

    But if you consider privacy there are different window treatments forms like the valances, drape, curtains, blinds, panels, swags, roman shades, shutters, cornices to mention a few.

  • PRO
    Lion Windows and Doors

    We always suggest adding some sort of window treatments. They're not just for aesthetics. This articles does a really good job breaking down types of and other uses for window treatments: windows and draperies

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