Color choice for drapes

16 de Febrero de 2016

I am making some drapes to layer over my Roman Shades. What color would coordinate the best with my leopard print shades?

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  • mjconti

    Will the drapes stay open or close? It would be a good idea if they were lined so you won't see the leopard print under them. How about a warm neutral fabric that has some shine? Could you add some of the same trim to the drapes to coordinate them with the shade? Or add a strip of leopard fabric to the bottom hem of the drapes. Might look kind of cool!

    emilysmith2 agradeció a mjconti
  • emilysmith2

    The drapes will stay open. I agree with adding the leopard print to the bottom. I could also get some ribbon trim in leopard print (would not be exactly the same as the shade fabric) to put along the edge instead. What do you think would be better. Here are a few fabric options I found. Are any of them a nice war neutral that you think would coordinate well with the brown/black.




  • PRO

    I love your roman shades!

    If these drapes are going to be left open, I would suggest to use a rod that is about a foot wider than the roman shade on either side. This way you can have the panels on either end, while still displaying your leopard print shades. These colors would compliment very well.


    Can't wait to see what you decide.

    emilysmith2 agradeció a Selectblinds
  • karohill

    why don't you gather and drape it over to the left to not mess with the light location

  • emilysmith2

    Karohill...are you rearing to gathering the drapes or the shade?

  • PRO
    Curtain Call

    I would suggest getting fabric samples or purchasing a quarter of a yard of the fabrics you're considering and put them next to the shade to determine what looks best.

    emilysmith2 agradeció a Curtain Call
  • PRO
    Amy Wolff Interiors

    I agree with Curtain Call. See the actual fabric to coordinate with the leopard blinds. Other considerations...how much drama do you want? Black or dark camel with a trim or the leopard on the leading/inside edge of the draperies would give lots of WOW. Also, what else in in the room that you want to coordinate? Is there a fabric or trim that would pull everything together? What about pillows, table runners, etc.? The beauty of custom window treatments is that you have the opportunity to create a cohesive, personal look for the entire space! And definitely make those draperies WIDE - you have the wall space and it will make your window appear much bigger! Don't compromise. Be brave! Show us the results!

    emilysmith2 agradeció a Amy Wolff Interiors
  • PRO
    Curtain Call

    Yes Amy Wolff!

    emilysmith2 agradeció a Curtain Call
  • emilysmith2

    Thanks everyone! I'll be posting pictures just as soon as I get them done. Thanks for the advice!

  • Elizabeth Z

    You've chosen some nice color options. My thoughts are that perhaps the panels should have some sheen but no pattern as it might fight with the shades.

  • katscorvette

    the neutral color tan in the original fabric

  • Lynn G

    I don't think you went leopard print to be a neutral sort of person/look. I think pink! Pink looks great with shades of brown. Then maybe trim that with bits of leopard, or, with something that looks like brown fur. You've got one foot in the funk factor, bring the other foot in!

    emilysmith2 agradeció a Lynn G
  • labincurlers

    Go black.

  • Bernadette Staal

    I have to admit Leopard print is probably a difficult design / colour choice to work with so I would select the black spot colour and match a fabric to that, so that the Leopard print fabric becomes the pop of colour when the curtains are open.

  • kristinanadreau

    I agree with Lyn nag. If you chose the animal shades then keep on going with it. no point in trying to calm it down with the colors in the leopard print. Go with a hot pink, with a leopard band across the sides and bottom of the panels. then use the pink in some pillows around the room on the seating. I assume this is an office?????

    emilysmith2 agradeció a kristinanadreau
  • emilysmith2

    Yes, this is my home office. Thanks!

  • PRO
    Inspired Spaces

    I agree with a black or neutral tan. Add the tassel trim to the leading edge. Whatever color you use make sure it coordinates and/or repeated somewhere else in the room.

    emilysmith2 agradeció a Inspired Spaces
  • laurie0714

    What about a wide strip in black and tan? Get a black curtain rod with an interesting finial and put the draperies on clip rings. Repeat the tassels trim on them and add some leopard print elsewhere in the room (lampshades, pillows, frames).

    emilysmith2 agradeció a laurie0714
  • mmhaskell

    match your drapery panels to your wall color then add a band of matching leopard print to the bottom of the panel.

  • PRO
    Ageless Design

    Keep it simple and trust where your "eye wants to be attracted to....for instance, is the shade an actual light control and is there just one window in the room or just an accent to the room?...also, what is your focal point when you enter the room?...is it the bed, sofa or the windows?...so, the windows can either be part of the "jewelry" of the room or the "little black dress" that is your anchor, that everything works off of and coordinates with the theme of the room.

    emilysmith2 agradeció a Ageless Design
  • PRO
    designed by silence

    Taupe would be a good choice.

  • Anna Rhees

    Along the same lines as the pink suggestion, how about a deep teal/peacock green?

  • purrmichigan

    Creamy white looks good on him. Also a soft tan.

  • suezbell

    Definitely use a rod wider than the windows. See if you can match the light brownish background color, perhaps with leopard tie backs if you don't use a valance.

    Consider a valance for the top as well rather than drapes with tiebacks that would cover much more your shades.


    emilysmith2 agradeció a suezbell
  • Anastasia Irwin

    I like leopard print paired with pale blue. I suggest trying a few different light blue taffeta swatches next to the blinds. Some even have a brown iridescent undertone that you may like.

    emilysmith2 agradeció a Anastasia Irwin
  • emilysmith2

    Thanks everyone!! I'm getting some fabric swatches and will be making a decision soon. I'll share the finished product as soon as I get them sewn.

  • suzani12

    Why is everyone going so heavy, it has so much weight already Why not something light an airy like sheers?

  • designpolice
    I agree that lining the drapes is important. You would be amazed at how much better lined drapes look, hang and resist fading. There really is a difference. It's not hard to do it yourself with pre-made panels.
    emilysmith2 agradeció a designpolice
  • faithcarr

    All ideas have very good merit. You could also think of the leopard print as a neutral using it with any jewel tone-like the hot pink or teal suggestions which I love. Look at Sonya's post at http://www.beyondthescreendoor.com/2015/01/easy-tutorial-for-a-board-mounted-under-valance.html to see how she pairs fabrics. She is a master at pairing. Who would've thought of toile with leopard?! She keeps things in check by adding a neutral, textural solid as a bottom band to the panel, not to mention that it serves to add necessary length the existing panel. Lots of interest here.

    emilysmith2 agradeció a faithcarr
  • dawnrr

    PLEASE skip the beigy/tan neutrals. If black panels with a sheen, extended out on the sides as suggested by selectblinds, is too much black in the room, then I love the teal suggestion, or coppery orange.

    emilysmith2 agradeció a dawnrr
  • emilysmith2

    Here are a few fabric options based on the suggestions above. I think that the black is going to be too much for the room., because extending them out will almost fill the wall space between the two windows.

  • Jane Zorn

    you said the room is your home office? how large is it? if it's 10 x 10, do not use DARK colors for the curtains, as it will appear smaller. Use something bright. Your walls are neutral… do not use neutral colors for the curtains. what might be really good is if you could match the brown that is in the leopard print. that would blend with your leopard print as well as your walls. even brown sheers would work. since this is your office….. unless you are into fashion design or wall design or whatever…. i wouldn't use a hot pink or bright yellow or lime green…. people are going to be scared to walk in there!! that's a definite statement! for a home office, you want muted colors to make your clients feel comfortable and not spook them too much. Whatever color you choose, be sure to add something in another part of the room that is the same color. If you have a lateral file cabinet and you use a teal on the windows, place a teal dish on your file cabinet. or if you use the gold color for the curtains, hang that color on the opposite wall of something you like. a picture, a print, something. i like the sheer idea, as you can make them wider and bunch them up so that the shade is only seen in the middle between them. it will also make your room look larger if you use sheer vs using a heavy brocade…. play around with some colors until you find one you really like and can live with. after all, you're going to be the one working in there…...

  • PRO
    Creating Home

    I would go with a darker side panel as well, black or dark caramel, the leopard is a strong pattern and to balance it in the room I would do a darker side panel, with a longer rod as well.

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