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Relación: Cliente
Fecha del proyecto: diciembre de 2017
Precio del proyecto: Más de 100.000 €
We bought a 100 year old apartment in the Eixample area in Barcelona, which hadn´t been refurbished since the 1960´s. Our main goal of the project was twofold:
1) To find a balance between modernizing the apartment and preserving the many original details; and
2) To open it up to the various external spaces (3 patios, a balcony and the terrace).
We invited various architects, but the considerate and inspirational proposal Egue & Seta developed for us really stood out! They titled it "Interior Garden", which was spot on! And we decided to work with them.

The project consisted of 2 phases. The first phase of the project focused on the design of the apartment and the very detailed planning of the works that had be done to realize it. The second phase of the project consisted of actually doing the refurbishments (together with one of Egue & Seta´s preferred contractors).

Overall, we couldn´t be more satisfied with the truly fantastic work they´ve done for us. Egue & Seta have a highly professional and pleasant way of working and communicating. With an incredible passion for quality.

Some specific things we liked:
- Right balance between their ideas and incorporating ours (for example, they rightly pushed us to combine three rooms to create one large open living room / kitchen, which has come out spectacularly, but really wasn´t something we originally had in mind).
- Preparation. To every meeting to come highly prepared with sketches, ideas, legal requirements or whatever may be necessary. Really impressive.
- Eye for detail. Often Egue & Seta would be even more critical of the work done than we and, without any discussion, take (financial) responsibility for things that were not good yet or even had to be done again.
- Lighting. They really impressed us with their ideas about the use of lighting. For example, using hidden LED strips to provide indirect lighting in the bathroom, TV room and other spaces. Or placing small beautiful spots on the plants.
- Trustworthy. They keep their word and we have had no discussions about any things we had agreed upfront.
- After care. As with any large project, there were several small things that needed to be fixed that we only discovered after we started living in the apartment. Egue & Seta quickly and swiftly solved these things (with no additional fees).
- Communication. The communication was always very pleasant, professional and open. Moreover, the frequency of the meetings and team´s availability was perfect.

So altogether, we´re very happy customers and highly recommend anyone to work with Egue & Seta! Hopefully, we´ll have the opportunity to do another project with them ourselves as well in the future! :)
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Relación: Profesional
Fecha del proyecto: julio de 2018
Precio del proyecto: 50.000 € - 100.000 €
Relación: Cliente
Fecha del proyecto: septiembre de 2018
Precio del proyecto: 10.000 € - 49.999 €
Relación: Cliente
Fecha del proyecto: enero de 2013
Precio del proyecto: 10.000 € - 49.999 €